It's what's on the inside that counts.

High-end adhesive technology for vehicle interiors.


Modern customers expect vehicle interiors to have a stylish design and to provide the highest levels of comfort and safety. Demands that are constantly posing new challenges to manufacturers and suppliers. In Lohmann you have a partner that actively supports more efficient development and manufacturing processes.

Our pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes adapt themselves flexibly to a very wide range of constructions, are temperature-resistant and simplify assembly. Inside the vehicle, Lohmann adhesive technology is used to fix cables to the roof liner, and is also found under deformation and decorative elements, on seat heaters, electronic components and in numerous other places.

Adhesive technology with low emission values



Adherence to emission regulations inside the vehicle is an important factor in the development and manufacture of automobiles. Lohmann has recognised this and is the first supplier to offer adhesive tapes with very low emission values. DuploCOLL Low Emission Tapes satisfy all the high standards demanded by the automotive industry.

Whether fogging values, odour nuisance, the emission of formaldehyde or total carbon emissions – regular testing proves that our adhesive tapes are high-end as far as low emissions are concerned.

Vehicle electronics


New automobiles are increasingly being defined by the standard of their electronics. And not just conventional vehicle electronics, it's much more to do with modern communication and entertainment facilities, which have become important selection criteria among purchasers.

Lohmann has developed a whole range of high-tech adhesive solutions specifically for this area. For example, electrically isolating adhesive tapes to protect power-electronic components and conductive adhesive tapes to provide a stable and reliable electrical connection between two substrates. Our portfolio also includes electrostatically shielded protective film for the protection of on-board instruments and thermally conductive adhesive tapes for the thermal connection and electrical isolation of seat heaters.

Versatile adhesive bonds for cable fixing



The multifunctional DuploCOLL® Cable Fixing Tapes from Lohmann are perfect for fixing cables in the roof liner. Their flexible web backing makes them highly adaptable and the use of an acrylic-based dispersion adhesive helps keep emission levels encouragingly low. Flat conductors or round cables can be fixed using the Cable Fixing Tapes and covered to protect them in one process.

The advantages compared with mechanical fixing methods or liquid hotmelt systems are obvious: no cable abrasion, no rattling and shorter installation times.

Fixing of deformation elements

Website_ID795_Contentbil_Deformarionselement im Automobil

Safety is the most important factor in the manufacture of automobiles. This is an area characterised by strict regulations from lawmakers and the even higher demands of customers.

The adhesive technology available from Lohmann enables you to satisfy all these requirements. More and more vehicles now employ deformation elements to guarantee the highest possible levels of protection to road users. For example, in the roof liner. In this area in particular, the solvent-free and age-resistant industrial acrylic-based dispersion adhesive tapes from Lohmann have been the number one choice for decades.

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Specific adhesive solutions for interiors


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Years of experience in the automotive industry

Products with tested top quality

Joint implementation of complex technical concepts

High levels of skill in research and development

Greater safety and lower emissions

Efficient development and production processes


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qualified specialists for your individual adhesive solution


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Cost-effective and safe processes