Individual high-end adhesive tape and converting solutions

Precision Die Cutting is the keyword for taylor made product.


Whether for insulation or spacers, hot seal coating, decorative or protective film, for badges, weather-resistant sealing or robust front panels – with various converting technologies, Lohmann has years of experience in providing customers around the world with high-end adhesive tape and converting solutions for the most diverse applications.

Die-cut, embossed, laminated, finished and specially converted. The choice of materials for die-cuts alone ranges from "A" for aluminium, through "P" for polyester to "V" for velour paper. Our customers come from a wide range of industries such as mobile communications, automotive, electrical and electronics as well as the medical sector.

Individual customer requirements


We custom manufacture to your requirements, to narrow µm tolerances and short turnaround times. And we go the extra mile to support your processes.


Other key features of our die-cutting centre include:
• Comprehensive quality policy
• State-of-the-art laboratory facilities
• The latest application technology
• Quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO/TS 16949
• Environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001




Processing of practically all types of materials

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We convert one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes, films, foam and fabric to die-cuts, rolls or sheet material. Rubber and acrylic-based adhesive films are processed as pressure-sensitive transfer adhesives, or using carrier materials such as foam, non-woven materials, film and fabric.
We apply self-adhesive to a variety of raw materials such as fabrics, plastic and metal films, foam or cork and convert these to customer requirements. In addition we provide solutions tailored to customer requirements for assembly and product finishing.
Our modern laboratory facilities for application-specific tests and raw material/product inspections meet the continuously increasing quality demands on our products.



Meeting clean room requirements


Seemingly simple die-cut parts, such as protective film for mobile phone screens, require utmost care with regard to contamination, even from minute particles. Manufacturing under clean room conditions is advised, as we can ensure the purity of the air using high-quality air conditioning systems and multi-stage filtering (positive pressure ventilation). We provide suitable work clothes and ensure that employees follow appropriate work procedures. The floor is also electrostatically dissipative due to the addition of carbon fibres and earthed copper strips. Dust does not stand a chance on the smooth walls and ceilings.
Systems for dissipating static charge on all machines, a closed transport container and a large production area as a clean room for die-cutting machines are all available. This has been certified by an independent agency under production conditions and achieved ISO Class 8.