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Anoop Plastic Products Trading Establishment

Company founded:1993

Employees: 13

Cooperation with Lohmann since: 1999

Main field: graphical, since 2002 technical too

Anoop Plastic Products Trading Establishment is part of a large group of companies ?Al Hooty Printers LLC" established 1986 in the Sultanate of Oman. Anoop is providing a full and comprehensive range of flexo printing materials with the help of a professional sales force coming from a technical background. The product line does include pressure sensitive adhesive tape systems, photopolymer plates, plate processing equipment, environmental friendly cleaning solution for printing machines, Teflon tapes, lamination films etc. In addition to Lohmann pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, Anoop is representing various companies such as BASF Drucksysteme and Flexoclean Engineering in the U.A.E.

2002 began Anoop with the representation of Lohmann in the technical field too.