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Plantin nv

Plantin, part of Staples, was founded in 1911.

As sales and service company for the graphic industry in Belgium and Luxembourg, with close to 200 employees, Plantin wants to be the high quality link between leading manufacturers and customers in the printing systems environment.

Although offset printing equipment, consumables and service is the core business of Plantin, there is an important diversification in flexoprint market, with a consumables portfolio of Flint Group flexographic plates, Praxair anilox rollers, Rolf Meyer doctor blades and since beginning of 2009 also with Lohman flexographic plate mounting foam tapes. Note that Plantin was already selling since more than 15 years the filmic tapes from Lohmann, Duplofol, now named DuploFLEX® FOL.

As cushions under the flexoplate are having a key influence on the print result, the choice of the full range of high quality adhesives and cushions from Lohman was a logical next step in the Plantin flexoportfolio.

Our philosophy of being "solution provider" fits perfectly with the focus of Lohmann to fulfil customer needs. With the Plantin flexo sales and application team, we can solve, together with our customers, most technical flexo-related problems.