Production and manufacturing with renewable energies

Green electricity for sustainable value creation

An important aspect of our sustainability strategy is the use of renewable energy sources and the purchase of green electricity. We are aware of the importance of sustainably generated energy for the environment and the continued existence of our planet and want to do our part to create a future worth living. Our goal is to completely cover our energy needs with 100 % green electricity at all global sites.

At our main production site in Neuwied / Koblenz as well as at our Competence Center for Die-Cutting in Remscheid, we already purchase 100 % green electricity from hydropower, and we also produce with renewable energies in Austria, Sweden and Spain. Some sites additionally generate electricity through solar energy. By 2035, we will successively implement the switch at all international production sites where we have a direct influence on energy supply.

By using renewable energies, we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint and helping to counter climate change. In 2023, this will ensure a saving of at least 3,000 metric tons of CO2. Switching our German sites to green electricity enables us to reduce our Scope 2 emissions by 25% already today. The switch from products produced using conventional manufacturing technology to innovative manufacturing technologies such as TwinMelt®, which does not require gas for drying processes, ensures further sustainable optimization within our value chain.

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Further sustainability measures

In addition to our commitment to renewable energy, we focus on many other measures along our value chain to minimize our environmental footprint. Here you can find more information about our carbon footprint, waste reduction and the use of recycled materials, bio-based raw materials as well as our solvent-free TwinMelt® technology.