Research and development are part of our DNA

Since our foundation in 1851, one thing has been the main focus for Lohmann: the development of cutting-edge and innovative products. Having always in mind the customer benefit, we work every day on making your processes even more effective and efficient by means of our adhesive solutions. One thing is absolutely clear: Our success depends on your added value. Therefore, our developers in state-of-the-art laboratories at the headquarters in Neuwied deal with the question of how innovative ideas can be "translated" into new products and applications and how existing products can be improved.

At Lohmann, we focus on three areas that will shape our company in the future, also with regard to market potential and environmental issues:

1. Faster solutions for market- and customer projects

The “Fast Track” team, made up of segment and material experts, stands for the rapid implementation of market projects and modifications. This is where our segment experts from the areas of Transportation, Graphics, Industrial and Home Appliance and Electronics come together with material experts from the areas of liners, foils and foams. The Medical sector enjoys a special position due to the regulatory requirements of the market. We meet these challenges with an independent, focused team. An ideal combination for implementing your requirements in a targeted manner.

2. Data-driven development

An inestimable value of our Lohmann company lies in the decades of experience in the development, production and processing of solvent-based adhesives. The development know-how gained was digitally preserved in the form of development databases. The systematic use of this data by means of state-of-the-art technologies and data analysis tools for a fast, efficient and intelligent development method is carried out by the “Data-Driven-Development” team.

3. Focus on new technologies

Advanced adhesives and functional materials always have been a focus topic in R & D. This includes our reactive adhesive tapes and films based on polyurethane and epoxy resin, also known as Structural Bonding Film (SBF), as well as the world's first UV-LUX, the first UV-curing epoxy resin tape with color change. Another focus is on the implementation of new, solvent-free hotmelt and UVC-curing acrylate technologies for our coating systems so that we can continue to react flexibly to the special requirements and needs of our customers and market trends. With TwinMelt®, the “Dry Coated Adhesives” team is responsible for creating new possibilities through the combination of chemistry and technology.

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