Sustainability, health and process excellence


Lohmann provides customised adhesive tape solutions around the world for a wide range of applications and in many sectors of industry. As an international company, the Lohmann Tape Group is in constant contact with a vast number of different people and organisations, and hence to representatives of a wide variety of interest groups. Sustainable working calls for a common understanding of the different influences being exerted on the company and of the different interest groups.

For this reason, environmental and quality policies were used as the basis to issue guidelines for all employees, which they can use to derive their own individual objectives and as orientation in their day-to-day work. The guidelines also clearly explain to interest groups such as customers, suppliers and neighbours how our values, vision and mission are manifested in our actions. As a member of a registered chemical industries association (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.), we take an active part in the worldwide initiative "Responsible Care". Our engagement for the environment

In the interests of sustainable business, areas such as quality, hazard prevention, safety at work, transport safety and environmental protection are always under scrutiny. This involves actively evaluating diverse requirements and regulations and ensuring that they are met. Irrespective of this, the continuous further and re-development of products and production processes is to be used to efficiently improve resource usage and for the prevention or reduction of risks. After all, as people working at the company, we must be aware of our responsibility.



  • Resource Efficiency
  • Risk Prevention and Reduction
  • Compliance and Continuous Improvement


  • Promotion and Motivation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Prevention and Protection


  • Solution Thinking
  • Knowledge and Innovation
  • Delivery Performancee

Process Excellence

  • Orientation on Zero Defects
  • Lean Standardized Processes
  • Continuous Improvement



Sustainability - Nachhaltigkeit



  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Availability
  • Process Excellence


Efficient use of resources:
We optimize our production processes with regard to the lowest possible use of resources. We regularly monitor the impact that emissions, waste, sewage, and noise have on the environment, and we are constantly aiming to further reduce these.

We support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services as well as design-related activities regarding the improvement of the energy related performance.


Sustainable development – Risk Prevention and Reduction:
When developing new products or production processes, we take their environmental impact into account from the start. We use raw materials and intermediate products that have less impact on the environment.


Legal compliance and continuous improvement:
By complying with relevant statutory environmental and energy regulations and other requirements, we continuously strive to improve environmental protection and energy efficiency, as well as to minimize environmental pollution. The management system is continuously enhanced in this respect.


Environmental and energy aspects – Targets:
Lohmann regularly checks and assesses site-specific environmental effects and energy-related aspects, in particular regarding production, supply and waste disposal, logistics, development, and purchasing.

We define concrete, site-specific environmental and energy targets within the management system. There we determine effective measures and continuously assess their status and suitability. We guarantee the availability of relevant information and the necessary resources.



Health - Gesundheit



  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Availability
  • Process Excellence


Health – Promotion and Motivation:
The health and motivation of our employees are the key to the success of our company. Through good working conditions and quality of life at the workplace, these two aspects are promoted in a targeted manner and thereby also the sustainable increase of innovation capability, productivity as well as product and service quality.


Workplace – Risk Assessment:
Existing and future workstations and the machines, tools and materials used there are evaluated on an ongoing basisthrough comprehensive risk assessments. Based on existing laws and regulations, the entire working environment is optimized with regard to the necessary conditions for the employee to work safely and ergonomically.


Hazard Prevention and Protection – Fire Protection:
Preventative fi re protection that takes the continuously changing framework conditions into consideration and the detection, registration and evaluation of fi re hazards in all areas of the company is one of the main tasks of Lohmann‘s own fi re brigade and the fi re safety engineers. Their knowledge defi nes the standard for the evaluation of fire hazards worldwide.


Workplace safety and health – objectives:
Lohmann regularly inspects and evaluates the workplace-specific risks and effects on employees in all areas. We define specific, tangible objectives that relate to the work system as a whole in the management system, establish effective measures for the prevention and reduction of risks and evaluate their status and level of appropriateness on an ongoing basis.


Availability - Verfügbarkeit


  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Availability
  • Process Excellence


Availability - Solution Thinking:

We are committed to providing the highest quality bonding solutions for our customers worldwide.
Our knowledge, our ability to innovate and the knowledge of our markets enforces our striving to be the prime mover in our technologies.



Availability - Delivery Performance:

We provide customer orientated innovative solutions within the given timeframe using the knowledge of our complete value chain.


Process Excellence - exzellente Prozesse


  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Availability
  • Process Excellence


Process Excellence - Orientation on Zero Defects:
We strive to analyze the real root cause of defects in our products or processes and to define adequate and effective containment actions.
This drives our processes towards Excellence.


Process Excellence - Lean Standardized Processes and Continuous Improvement:
We develop our processes towards globally valid, value-chain oriented and lean standards. This transparency enables us to evaluate and to use best-practice solutions for continuous improvement of all our processes, maintaining proven effectiveness.


Quality aspects – quality objectives:
Similarly to the environment management procedure, Lohmann regularly inspects and evaluates the internal and external demands placed on the quality of its products and processes. This allows quality aspects to be defined for all areas of the company and tangible, site-specific quality objectives to be identified in the management system, where their status and level of appropriateness are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

As people are our main focus, comprehensive communication of our environmental and quality policies and the objectives and measures anchored in the management system is indispensable.

Only people who have access to all the information can act responsibly on their own and on behalf of all the interest groups. After all, to us, acting responsibly means creating an environment of trust. We achieve this by fostering an open dialogue with customers, companies, employees, neighbours, consumers and the authorities.