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Lohmann launches new adhesive tape portfolio for low-emission bonding in vehicle interiors

The future of automotive manufacturing is secured by efficiency and sustainability – in this context, the use of adhesive tapes, among other things, plays a significant role.
 Low Emission Tape im Fahrzeuginnenraum.pngThe adhesive specialists at Lohmann recently launched their new high-tech adhesive tape portfolio, which offers low-emission and low-odor products for bonding in vehicle interiors and is also produced in an energy-efficient manner.

The double-sided pressure-sensitive tapes of the new DuploCOLL® LE 59xxx (Low Emission) range meet the high requirements of OEMs for low VOC, fogging and odor values for materials and components in accordance with VDA 278. Even large-area applications and thus high-volume adhesive tape use, such as bonding rear seat covers, pillar or door trims (NVH felts), do not adversely affect the air quality in the interior. The low-emission tapes are manufactured in a water- and energy-saving process using the 100% solvent-free TwinMelt® technology based on UV acrylates with enhanced adhesive performance. Other factors for a more sustainable value chain include a lower carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption in the production process as well as recyclable liners. In addition, there is a high level of supply security for customers, as no gas is used as an energy source in the production of the tapes.

With the DuploCOLL® LE product portfolio, a wide variety of designs can be realized and different materials – such as plastic or wood decor – can be reliably fixed, even on low-energy material surfaces, thanks to high initial adhesion and excellent adhesive strength. This applies, for example, to heating systems in seats, armrests and steering wheels as well as surface heating systems and also to door panels or dashboards in electric vehicles. In addition to full-surface bonding, an adhesive stripe coating can be applied, which, due to its special geometry, for example when bonding heating elements to seats, ensures that air can circulate and the seat is thus optimally ventilated. In addition, good performance at elevated temperatures has been validated by tests. The portfolio can also be used to reliably bond sensor systems such as Hands-Off Detection (HOD) or Driver Presence Detection (DPD). In combination with flexible and elastic PE foam carriers, the low-emission tapes enable the compensation of component tolerances, seal or dampen and are easy to process thanks to their dimensionally stable structure. The broad portfolio includes a selection of transfer, paper, scrim, film and foam tapes in various thicknesses (0.03 mm - 0.8 mm). The tapes in the DuploCOLL® LE portfolio can also be laminated with a wide range of damping materials, including felts, foams, textiles or knitted spacer fabrics, as well as customized materials, for use as a single-sided adhesive NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) solution. For example, soft-touch surfaces can also be realized for a pleasant feel. The entire portfolio is available as rolls, spools or die-cuts in individual formats.

As a long-standing development partner to the automotive industry, Lohmann offers OEMs and suppliers customized adhesive solutions right through to integration in series production. In addition to extensive experience in specification work and working in international project teams, the adhesive specialist is certified according to IATF 16949. In modern high-tech laboratories, Lohmann tests according to individual OEM specifications.

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