Adhesive bonding solutions for wearables applications on skin

Over the last few years and during the global pandemic, the demand for wearables and longwear applications in the medical industry has significantly increased.
 2022_Wearables.jpgFor example, in diagnostics, monitoring and consumer health, the need for reliable bonding solutions for these devices increased as well. As sensitive and stressed skin (children, athletes, elderly people) especially demands for sensitive and flexible products, Lohmann designed and released a new portfolio of bonding solutions. They offer high breathability, water resistance as well as a residue-free and painless removability.

With highly demanding requirements to the long-lasting adhesion to skin, permanent changes and fluctuating external influences, low surface energy, rough textures or sweat, the Lohmann wearables adhesive solutions are engineered and tailored to medical industry’s applications and design requirements. No matter if applied to mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT), continuous glucose or temperature measurement (CGM and CTM), insulin patch pumps or large volume injectors, for short- or long-term use, single- or double-sided, each bonding solution is biocompatible and allows for ever thinner and more flexible wearables. This gives patients a higher level of comfort and mobility.

The Lohmann product portfolio supports connectivity features of wearables via electrical conductivity, i.e. for quantifying symptoms via (remote) monitoring devices and thus predicting and preventing future acute episodes. As patients are becoming stakeholders in their own healthcare journey due to remote monitoring and possible recovery at home, costs for the healthcare system, which is affected by nursing shortage and shrinking budgets, are significantly reduced, too. An increasingly important aspect in an ageing population and with chronic diseases on the rise.

Meeting the needs of the medical and healthcare industry, Lohmann provides in-house state-of-the-art capabilities, which include adhesive formulation, coating, casting and extrusion as well as clean-room conversion, laboratories and testing as well as die-cutting. The Neuwied-based adhesive technology specialist is certified in accordance with EN ISO 13485.