A history full of promise

The foundations of our company were laid in the early 1990's. Initial developments were characterised by a great deal of curiosity, enthusiasm, inventiveness, progress and innovation. The end of these initial developments saw the emergence of a leading global manufacturer of high-end adhesive bonds. Read on if you would like to know how Lohmann Technologies (UK) Ltd. has become what it is today or click here to learn more the history of the Lohmann Tape Group.

The history of Lohmann Technologies (UK) Ltd


Katco Ltd. is merging into Lohmann Technologies (UK) Ltd.


Acquisiton of the Katco Ltd. business


Due to the site in Aylesbury becoming too small for the growing business, a relocation to Milton Keynes takes place


The very first rotary die-cutting machine is put into operation


The company is founded in Aylesbury