From high-tech adhesive tapes to process integration - our value chain

From the initial idea to the implementation into the final process – from prototyping to series production – Lohmann produces customer-specific adhesive tapes and converts them into die-cuts. Directly from one source, independently from intercontinental supply chains, in various high-precision manufacturing processes (e.g., laser plotter, rotary die-cutting, etc.) and in low μm-tolerances. This is Lohmann’s “Smart Bonding Approach”: Together, we develop the best adhesive solution for the individual application, offering support throughout the entire project up to process integration.

The entire value chain of PSAs and die-cuts – from a single source

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Polymerization The polymerization of adhesives is the starting point of our value chain. In state-of-the-art facilities, we produce homopolymers from different components, that are combined together in the next step: formulation.

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We tailor the properties of our adhesives to the requirements of the respective application. By adding additives we adjust the adhesive strength or meet requirements such as flame retardancy, light protection or plasticizer resistance.



We extrude our materials, such as nonwovens and elastomers, to provide products with unique elasticity.

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Acrylics and rubber-based adhesives are coated onto web materials using solvent, dispersion or hotmelt systems. Reactively crosslinking adhesive systems additionally offer you increased mechanical or physical strength in your application.

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We convert coated materials into rolls, spools and sheets in many dimensions according to your requirements.

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We laminate a variety of materials, creating individual product designs for specific applications.

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With precise die-cutting machines, that are used to create high-quality, dimensionally accurate products, we meet the increasing demands of the market.

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With elaborate inspection and testing procedures in our laboratories, we ensure that our products meet and maintain the quality requirements.

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We support our customers with application tools and help with the detailed engineering: from manual, semi or fully automatic application aids to cutting equipment.

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Pick & Place

Application technology specialists support our customers in integrating our adhesive systems into the production process.

The whole product portfolio of single- and double-sided adhesive tape solutions is available on rolls, spools, as die-cuts or sheets. Lohmann provides customized laminates in a wide variety of materials that combine the individually required properties: For example, insulating PET films in various colors and thicknesses combined with pressure-sensitive adhesives on one or both sides of the tape. Various foam materials (e.g. PE, PU, EPDM or acrylic foam) can be combined with PSAs as well. Moreover, apart from intumescent and thermally insulating materials, electrically conductive fabrics or foam materials in combination with electrically conductive

To support you in the project phase, Lohmann offers a wide range of tests, which are carried out in-house in modern high-tech laboratories as well as in cooperation with external institutes. Beside traditional static and dynamic test methods for peel, tack and shear strength, our adhesive specialists conduct various environmental testings for temperature, UV, humidity or chemical resistance.

Apart from process aids such as mounting films or handling aids and simple applicators, Lohmann adhesive technology experts provide additional support for complex manufacturing concepts. To make your fully automated processes even more efficient, our solutions can be integrated reliably and seamlessly, thus enabling high quantity and cost-conscious manufacturing.