Multifunctional adhesive tape portfolio

Developments in the electronics sector are driven mainly by digitalization, miniaturization and increased power density. Electronic components become physically smaller and provide more functionalities at an increased speed. EV batteries become more compact to save weight and combine more cells with a higher energy density to provide higher performance. This leads potentially to a higher risk of interfering signals as well as more heat generated in the module or pack and more sophisticated battery surveillance and management. Additionally, batteries and further high-voltage components in electric and hybrid vehicles need a reliable electrical engineering including effective protection against electromagnetic waves to prevent interferences as well as smart grounding solutions to avoid short circuits. Additionally, with the development of high-frequency applications such as 5G and IoT, there is also an increased demand for electrically conductive adhesive tapes that can provide effective EMI/RFI shielding and grounding.  These technical challenges continually require new bonding solutions that offer more than just joining components. Our products offer smooth thermal or electrical management or serve other functions, such as sealing, damping, electromagnetic shielding or light-blocking, vibration and shock absorption, protection or cushioning. Lohmann‘s multifunctional adhesive tapes are optimized to be customized as die-cut solutions to fit perfectly into your highly automated manufacturing process.

Thermally Conductive: DuploCOLL® TC

DuploCOLL® TC acrylic transfer tapes offer a thermal conductivity of up to
2 W/mK for an efficient heat transfer between electronic components. They are free of silicones, halogens and solvents and provide immediate adhesion even to irregular surfaces, realizing excellent surface wetting. Additionally, they can compensate component tolerances as well as seal against dust or moisture. A good thermal management contributes to a long life-time of the electronic component. The thermally conductive portfolio fulfills the flame-retardant requirements according to UL 94. In short-term use they are heat resistant up to 180 °C. What’s more, they offer also high electrical insulation properties with breakdown voltage up to 26 kV/mm. All tapes of the thermally conductive range are available as rolls or customized high-tech die-cuts in various standard thicknesses from 140 μm to 2 mm. To support automated production processes, different colors are available for better detection by camera or optical sensor systems. 

DuploCOLL TC - Thermally conductive adhesive tapes.png

  DuploCOLL® 74xxx TC DuploCOLL® 78xxx TC DuploCOLL® 746xx TC
Color White Blue Green
Thickness 140 – 1500 µm 140, 250 µm 250 – 2000 µm
Thermal Conductivity* 1 W/mk 1 W/mk 2 W/mK
Electrical Strength** >20 kV/mm >11 kV/mm >20 kV/mm
Flammability UL-94 V0 Passed Passed Passed

*according to ASTM 5470-17

**according to IEC 60243-1

DuploCOLL EC - Electrically conductive adhesive tapes.png

Electrically Conductive: DuploCOLL® EC

DuploCOLL® EC tapes are equipped with a metallized fabric or foam carrier and an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive on one or on both sides. A 50 μm transfer tape with an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive completes the portfolio. These bonding solutions are employed for low current electrical interconnections, the connection of conductive materials, EMI shielding or grounding, saving costs for an additional connecting wire. Both fabric as well as foam solutions are isotropic conductive in X-, Y- and Z-axis and offer excellent shielding properties against electromagnetic waves. The combination of electrically conductive carrier material and electrically conductive adhesive provides excellent shielding performance in the range of 450mHz to 3.8 GHz (5G) to support the safe use of electronic components operating in closed proximity to each other. The electrically conductive foam tapes are easily compressible and thus compensate tolerances between components optimally and at the same time, with constant contact, provide a permanent grounding function. The high-tech foams are technically adjusted so that the restoring force when the foam is compressed is so low that it can also be used on pressure-sensitive components without undesirable side effects, such as the mura effect in a display. All tapes in the EC portfolio are available as rolls or customized die-cuts in any shape.

Electrically Insulating: DuploCOLL® IS

DuploCOLL® IS adhesive tapes are a broad portfolio of electrically insulating foam and filmic tapes. Combined with a foam the laminates provide damping and sealing properties and therefore offer protection for sensitive components such as printed circuits or flexible busbars during the lifetime of the battery or the electronic device. Thanks to their isotropic insulating properties, the bonding solutions protect against dielectric breakdown and enable safe battery operation. The easy to apply tapes feature excellent temperature resistance so they can serve as heat barrier either in the final application (e.g. the lithium-ion battery) or in the production process. The range is designed for applications where a high heat resistance in combination with electrical insulation is required. All adhesive tapes of this portfolio are available as rolls or individual die-cuts.

 DuploCOLL IS - Electrical Insulating Tape.png     

 DuploCOLL AS - Antistatic adhesive tape.png     

Antistatic: DuploCOLL® AS  

DuploCOLL® AS single-sided adhesive films help to protect TFT and LCD modules as well as optically bonded touch displays against dust, scratches and electrostatic discharge thanks to their antistatic film carrier and adhesive. They offer excellent temperature and humidity resistance as well as a clean removal after being bonded for an extended period of time. DuploCOLL® AS tapes ensure smart functionalities in the car interior and prevent disruptions, e.g. in touch sensors or other automotive electronics such as autonomous driving assistants or automized temperature controls.

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