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Today, building vehicles is more complex than ever. The reasons are manifold: on one hand the enormous increase in customer demand for quality, design and comfort, on the other, the search for innovative materials, new manufacturing technologies and more efficient processes for manufacturers and suppliers.

Good to know that high-end adhesive solutions make an important contribution and increasingly represent an alternative to screws and clips. Thanks to their enormous flexibility, adhesive bonds adapt perfectly to a wide variation of designs to ensure reliable fixing. In addition, adhesive tapes fulfil many practical supplementary features. Thus vehicles are becoming lighter, virtually vibration-free, and quieter. No wonder that today, an automotive contains on average about 4.5 m² of tape.

What our customers value about Lohmann: With each new adhesive solution, we have the whole process in mind. Which specific requirements are placed on the tape? Is a roll required, an efficient spool or a high-precision die-cut? What substrates are there? How can we find a particularly efficient solution for automation? These are just some of the questions whose answers are important to us from the outset. We focus on one single goal: to find the perfect adhesive solution for your application.

Convince yourself of our know-how and get to know a partner who achieves more for you.


One of the biggest challenges to the automotive industry is the joining of different materials and surfaces. We face this challenge and accompany you throughout your whole process. Beginning with the requirement analysis via the development and formulation to the finished die-cut part. We ensure the highest quality and efficiency and are always on the cutting edge. Our portfolio covers the bonding of emblems and lettering, kick plates and roof trims, exterior mirrors, decorative parts and trim parts. In this connection, we also offer solutions for various clear coat systems.


Example: Leather reinforcement - Interior (seats)

  • flexible and strong reinforcement
  • high bi-directional stability
  • does not influence the stitching process
  • low emission
  • Die-cuts in any shapes
  • good adhesion to leather
  • available in black (for dark and coloured leather) and withe (for withe and light coloured leather)

Example: Pillar cladding (interior)

  • The tape is suitable for deep drawing due to the film liner and the flexible foam carrier
  • Automatic application process possible
  • Cost intensive, subsequent lamination processes are unnecessary
  • High ageing and chemical resistance

Example: Bonding on glass without pretreatment

  • Direct bonding on glass without activator
  • Save working steps as there is no need of masking and activating the glass before bonding the part
  • The permanently elastic polyethylene foam allows the compensationof linear expansions due to different thermal coefficient of expansion of the substrates
  • The compressible foam carrier is better in compensating component tolerances than hard foamed systems
  • Die-cuts in any shapes available

Example: Kick Plates

  • Compensates for unevenness (cleavage measure) due to the flexible foam carrier
  • Depending on the bonding without pre-treatment possible (even on plastics)
  • Compensation of different Material expansion coefficients (tension absorption)

Example: Park Distance Control Sensor (PDC Sensor)

  • Secure bonding possible without pre-treatment
  • Flexible foam carrier compensates for component tolerances
  • Available as customer-specific die-cut

Beispiel: Bonding exterior mirrors

  • Die-cut parts available in various shapes
  • No interaction between tape and heating system
  • Fulfills Donnelly specification (shatter protection)


It rattles, rumbles, squeaks, creaks, rattles? We have countless sound-reducing materials with which we can precisely outfit your surface self-adhesively. Whether as a roll, coil, sheet, or die-cut part, we can always offer you a customized solution.


Example: DVD pad

  • Easy assembly by custom-fit positioning of several tape stripes on one liner
  • Exact positioning due to die-cut form
  • Quick processing as only one liner has to be removed
  • No curing times compared to liquid systems
  • Clean application compared to liquid systems

Example: Cable Fastening.

  • Noise-reducing properties, rattle protection
  • The flexibility of the tapes guarantees an easy covering process of the wiring harness on the headliner especially in curves
  • Effective protection against abrasion of round and flat cables
  • Faster production process compared to hot melt systems (no curing time)
  • No risk of injuries for workers during assembly process compared to hot melt systems
Content_TRA_Single sided foams.jpg

Example: Single-sided sealing foams

  • Good adhesion to plastic surfaces without pre-treatment
  • Excellent damping properties
  • Excellent sealing properties due to smooth closed cell foam carrier
  • Various foam/adhesive combinations possible (different thicknesses and densities)
  • Die-cuts in any shapes
  • Good processability due to dimensionally stable design

Example: Combination of expanded polypropylene (EPP) and adhesive tape.

  • Many different combinations of EPP die-cuts and adhesive tapes are realizable
  • Expanded polypropylene has noise dampening properties and high dimensional stability
  • EPP can be die cut in any two dimensional form (limited only by EPP raw material block dimension)


For new developments the requirements for adhesive joints are constantly growing. Additionally, a lot of new, innovative materials are used which can't be bonded any longer with mechanical solutions like rivets or screws without destroying the structural integrity of the materials. New surfaces which are dirt-repellent or self-curing are really challenging for adhesives. The latently reactive adhesive tapes DuploTEC® SBF from Lohmann combine the performance of structural bonding with the ease in handling of a pressure-sensitive adhesive film.

DuploTEC® SBF is easy to handle, dimensionally accurate, can be applied in advance and can thus be processed quickly and cleanly. 

Characteristics of the DuploTEC® SBF adhesive tapes

  • High structural strength
  • Good ductility
  • Suitable for the KTL Process
  • Compensation of different thermal expansion of materials
  • With or without initial tack (depending on adhesive technology)
  • Available as die-cuts

Areas of Application:

  • Bonding of lightweight materials such as GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic, CFRP, aluminum and plastics
  • Corrosion protection (for example, in aluminum-steel bonds)
  • Textile lamination



Glass Metal Bonding with DuploTEC® 10630 SBF (Epoxy)

  • Easy to use
  • No primer needed
  • Curable during the autoclave process
  • Pre-application to mirror base or sensor holder possible
  • Available as die-cuts

Magnet Bonding with Onyx-Technology (Epoxy)

  • Easy to use
  • No primer needed
  • Curing with heat
  • Pre-application possible
  • Vibration damping
  • Corrosion protection
  • Available as die-cuts



  • Textile lamination
  • Strong but flexible adhesive after curing
  • Dimension stability under heat influence up to 90°C
  • Alternative to thermal setting PU adhesive
  • Easy Processing


The automotive sector is one of the leading industries worldwide. Mega-trends (for example, autonomous driving and electric mobility) are, together with factors such as climate change, security and globalization, todays challenges. The electronics in the vehicle thus play a key role in the meantime and must continually become even more compact and lighter in view of the ever-increasing demands on performance and reliability - and this is exactly where the adhesive solutions from Lohmann come into play!

'With our customer-oriented bonding technology, we cover all areas of application of vehicle electronics from:

  • Power Train & Chassis
  • Telematics & Infotainment
  • Safety
  • Comfort & Convenience
  • Engine Electronics/ Engine Control

Adhesive solutions from Lohmann are tailor-made - whether coils, rolls or die-cuts. Everything is focused on one goal: the perfect adhesive solution for your application!


Example: Bonding of an air flow sensor on a ceramic panel

Material: Double sided adhesive mounting tape with high loading capacity and a closed-cell polyethylene copolymeric foam

  • Electronic control system for waste gas recirculation
  • Defined foam density
  • High initial tack
  • High final adhesion
  • Precision die-cut

Example: Bonding of displays, design or functional elements.

Material: Double-sided adhesive/ transfer tapes or double sided PE- or PU-foams


Example: Surface protection

Material: Single sided protection films/ LDPE foil 50 or 70µ, blue or transparent

  • low adhesion strength
  • easy peel off
  • residue-free removable


Example: Electrical management/ Electrical insulation, reflow soldering

Material: Single sided adhesive polyimide film

  • Electrical insulation
  • Heat insulation
  • Protection against contamination and interaction (e.g. tin-solder vs. Gold contacts)

Please note that the minimum order value is £1,000.

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