Mylar® and Melinex® Polyester Film

Mylar® and Melinex® polyester films are flexible, exceptionally strong and durable translucent and clear films. They have a high tensile, tear and impact strength and remain tough and flexible at temperatures from -70°C to 150°C. Specific engineering functions include:

  • An electrical barrier in motors, transformers and wire, cables and many other uses in electronic and aerospace equipment.
  • A physical barrier in protective laminates for decals and book covers.
  • A thermal and electrical barrier in wire and cables.
  • A substrate for coating or laminating of food and medical packaging, as well as general printing and packaging applications.
  • A mechanical interface in membrane switches.
  • Mylar® and Melinex® are registered Trade Names of Celanese.

Mylar A® is a flexible, exceptionally strong and durable transparent Polyester film with a maximum working temperature of 200°C. It has high tensile, tear and impact strength, high dielectric strength, temperature durability, and is dimensional stable. Lohmann are able to supply Mylar A® in many formats including: sheets, rolls and die-cuts, either with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Mylar A® has many applications including :

  • PSU’s
  • Membrane Switches
  • Cable Insulation
  • Motors 
  • Heating Elements
  • Motor Insulation
  • High Temperature Barriers
  • PV Solar Panels
  • Aerospace
  • Slot Liners
  • Graphics
  • Packaging

Melinex® is an optically clear, heat stabilised polyester film, which can be pre-treated on both surfaces to give enhanced adhesion to inks and lacquers, Melinex® has good temperature range, high tensile strength, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

  • Toroid Coils
  • Cable Wrapping
  • Cable Insulation
  • Touch Screens
  • Displays
  • Medical Sensors
  • PV Solar Panels
  • Flexible PCB’s
  • Membrane Switches
  • PSU’s

Standard roll, 914 mm wide

Thickness micron

Length M

Yield M2/Kg

23 13200 31.2
50 6000 14.3
75 4000 9.5
100 3000 7.2
125 2400 5.8
190 1600 3.8
250 1200 2.9
350 880 2.1

Short Roll Service:

Mylar® A is normally supplied in standard rolls, however Lohmann can offer short rolls starting from 25 linear metres long x 914mm wide.

Mylar A Polyester Films

Note: Melinex S sizes available on request

Product Code

thickness µm

width of Roll mm

short roll length availability


Yield M2/Kg

MY023 23 914 n/a n/a 100M 200M   31.15
MY036 36 914 n/a n/a 100M 200M   19.93
MY050 50 914 n/a n/a 100M 200M   14.27
MY075 75 914 n/a 50M 100M 200M   9.53
MY125 125 914 25M 50M 100M 200M   5.76
MY190 190 914 25M 50M 100M 200M   3.77
MY250 250 914 25M 50M 100M n/a   2.86
MY350 350 914 25M 50M n/a n/a   2.86

Lead time: allow 3 to 5 days.

Please note that the minimum order value is £500.

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