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When accuracy matters - our experts take a very close look

In the field of diagnostic applications, precision, reliability and a good quality management are essential. With more than 30 years of experience in the diagnostic sector our experts stand for knowledge, quality and expertise.

Lohmann solutions for diagnostics

 MED_T5100_01_Diagnostics_Biosensors_1710_PNG_1920 (RGB).png 
  • Product selection for various functions such as spacers, covers and double-sided adhesive tapes




 MED_T5100_02_Diagnostics_LateralFlow_1710_PNG_1920 (RGB) (1).png 
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Highest quality from over 25 years of experience with Lateral Flow




 NTBD_UV_Epoxy_LabOnAChip3_2101_PNG_1920 (RGB).png 
  • Optical Clear tapes for maximum transparency and bubble-free applications
  • Migration-free and inert adhesives without interactions with biochemical reagents




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