Innovative adhesive solutions for medical technology and the medical industry

Partnership at eye level for the design, development and series production of your customized solution

As adhesive specialists, we have been reliable partners to the medical industry for more than 100 years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand what you need - our adhesive tapes can be tailored exactly to your requirements and combine innovation with cost-effectiveness. At the same time, they are precise, stable and biocompatible. From skin-friendly applications in the field of wearables, wound care or ostomy with suitability for long or short wear time to functional, high-precision single- or double-sided adhesive solutions for medical diagnostics.

Whether custom design or standard products, we deliver the right solution for your application. We are at your side - from the initial idea to the final integration into your manufacturing process.

In addition to an integrated value chain, this also means extensive in-house testing capacities and clean room production (class 8) at our locations in Europe and the USA. Our tapes are available in a wide variety of formats - from rolls, spools and sheets to high-precision die-cuts. Our quality management is certified according to EN ISO 13485.

Fields of application for medical adhesive tapes

From prototyping to full-scale production:

We are your partner for design & manufacturing of medical wearables

Lohmann’s Bonding Engineers, as a partner for the medical industry, offer a partnership at eye level, providing prototyping and production at different scales. Whether you require prototyping, small-scale production, or large-scale production, we have you covered.

  • For prototyping (1 – 1,000 pcs), we offer individual die-cuts and manual assembly, ensuring meticulous quality control throughout the process.
  • In small-scale production (1k – 100k pcs), we employ automatic die-cutting methods along with semi-automated assembly and quality control processes.
  • When it comes to large-scale production (> 100k pcs), we achieve a high degree of automation and even offer cleanroom production capabilities. Additionally, our pick & place technology allows for seamless component integration.

Within our partnership, we provide numerous benefits, including being your development and manufacturing partner at once. We offer deep vertical integration, encompassing material selection, processing, and packaging. Our streamlined processes allow for a short time to market, leveraging our established material and process toolbox. Moreover, our long-term experience in ensuring skin comfort is a valuable asset. Quality assurance is vital to us, ensuring error-free and smooth functioning of your medical wearables. We maintain geometric tolerances in the micrometer range and focus on functional excellence.

To further cater to the specific needs of the medical industry, Lohmann’s Bonding Engineers have cleanrooms available at our locations in Europe and the USA.


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Our manufacturing possibilities for wearables:

  • Flatbed die-cutting (wide range of materials)
  • Rotary die-cutting (low tolerances, multilayered geometries, inline measurements and printing)
  • Full metal dies (very narrow tolerances)
  • Laser cutting (precise die-cuts roll-to-roll)
  • Pick & place (precise positioning and application of components)
  • Electronic integration (integration and quality control of functional components and modules)
  • Packaging (primary & secondary packaging)

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