Waste prevention and recycling management

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In view of global warming and the finite nature of (fossil) resources, the responsible use of raw materials and energy sources is a top priority for us as a manufacturing company.

Within our strategies for climate neutrality, i.e. the "zero emission" target by 2035, we are pursuing various measures to reduce waste, reuse and reusability of packaging, and recyclable products and product components. The aim here is to minimize the consumption of primary resources while keeping them in the circular economy for as long as possible.

Waste reduction and packaging management

In our production, we pay attention to the systematic reduction of offcuts and other waste. Through smart production control, we coordinate, among other things, the roll widths of our orders in such a way that a minimum of waste is produced.

Thanks to our high separation rate (> 90 %), we are able to reintroduce the waste produced, for example from cardboard, plastic or wooden pallets, into the cycle either internally or externally. This applies to our packaging, among other things: This consists of 100 % corrugated cardboard, printed with water-based inks, and can be recycled into packaging material again after use. This means we avoid waste-intensive individual packaging of our adhesive tape rolls.