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Innovative building materials, tight cost estimates and modern design trends - the construction industry of today faces many  challenges. Lohmann gives you peace of mind from having the right partner by your side. Our high-end adhesive tapes offer numerous advantages for facade, windows, doors, roof and interior applications.

Such benefits include immediate bonding, high user-friendliness, greater design freedom and improved energy efficiency within buildings. The flexibility offered by pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes results in their frequent use in automation processes, which means, they also make economic sense.

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 Company building with glass facade.jpg 

Tardis company building, Neuwied/Germany


  • Point-fitting bonding
  • Self-adhesive die-cut parts for permanent fixing of the Tardis high-tech glasing systems
  • Realized by Tardis, in cooperation with Lohmann


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Vapour barrier adhesive tape is applied indoors.jpg

Indoor vapor barrier tape

Customer Benefits:

  • Overlap bonding of vapor barriers (paper carrier)
  • Critical bonding of penetration areas (film carrier)
  • Tearable by hand
  • Strong tack on a variety of substrates
  • Solvent-free, no emissions
  • Can be applied at a minimum temperature of up to -10ºC
  • Neutral version or private label possible


  • DuploCOLL® 21104
  • DuploCOLL® 21114

Green vapour barrier tape is used for sealing.jpg

Indoor vapor barrier tape – New Generation

Customer Benefits:

  • All-In-One solution for indoor use
  • For overlap bonding of vapor barriers as well as critical bonding of penetration areas
  • Fast and save processing
  • Solvent-free, no emissions
  • Strong tack on a variety of substrates
  • EC1 certification
  • Scrim-reinforced film tape, extensible in cross direction with a high adhesive strength even at low temperature
  • High ageing stability, up to 3 months under outdoor exposure
  • Low water susceptibility


  • DuploCOLL® 21117

Transparent vapour barrier tape is applied under the roof.jpg

Vapor barrier sealing cord

Customer Benefits:

  • Air-tight bonding to walls
  • High elasticity and excellent adhesion to rough surfaces
  • Easy and quick to application without hardening time
  • Can be repositioned unlike liquid systems
  • Solvent-free, no emissions
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Can be applied at a minimum temperature of -10ºC


  • DuploCOLL® 14503

Vapour barrier tape is bonded under the roof tiles.jpg

All in one – Universal tape for in and outdoor use

Customer Benefits:

  • Single-sided, high-performance adhesive tape for permanently airtight and windtight bonding of vapor barriers and panel materials
  • Waterproofed system
  • Tearable by hand
  • Strong tack on a variety of substrates
  • Solvent-free, Emicode label
  • UV resistant
  • Weatherproof for at least 12 months
  • an be applied at a minimum temperature of up to -10ºC
  • Neutral version or private label possible
  • Tested in accordance to DIN 4108-11


  • DuploCOLL® 21124 black
  • DuploCOLL® 21125 white


Bonding of a curtain wall.jpg

Curtain wall and cladding

Customer Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to apply to girder section structures
  • Instant adhesion to steel, aluminum, glass and RFG
  • Excellent static stability and adaptation to different expansion values
  • Age resistant, UV resistant and weatherproof
  • Bonding is active immediately, no curing times unlike liquid systems


  • DuploCOLL® 56003

A plaster profile is bonded to the wall.jpg

Plaster profile bonding

Customer Benefits:

  • Permanently strong, air-tight bonding even on rough, uneven surfaces
  • Bonding that simultaneously seals and insulates
  • Can be applied at a minimum temperature of -10ºC
  • Tightness in driving rain tested by IFT Rosenheim


  • DuploCOLL® 51224
  • DuploCOLL® 5123
  • DuploCOLL® 5132
  • DuploCOLL® 51328
  • DuploCOLL® 5141


Different floor coverings are glued down.jpg

Customer Benefits:

  • No hardening times – immediate load-bearing capacity
  • Strong bonding for flexible flooring materials
  • Can be removed without leaving residue
  • Impact noise reduction possible
  • High safety in application – no unspecified bulk application unlike when using liquid adhesives


  • DuploCOLL® 330
  • DuploCOLL® 43102
  • DuploCOLL® 44001
  • DuploCOLL® 44004

A transition profile is mounted with adhesive tape.jpg

Assembly of transition profiles

Customer Benefits:

  • Simple handling thanks to self-adhesive finish
  • Fixing without additional mechanical work
  • May be used with nearly all substrates: tiles, wood, carpet, PVC floors, ...
  • Highly suitable for rough surfaces as well
  • High initial tack


  • DuploCOLL® DB 6003and variants

Two glass elements are joined with a transparent adhesive tape.jpg

Partition wall assembly

Customer Benefits:

  • Saves time and money when connecting glass elements
  • Highly transparent for clear connections with compensatory and sealing properties
  • Edge-passivated outer edges provide dirt-repellent properties → less cleaning effort required


  • DuploCOLL® CPT 9621 (2 mm)
  • DuploCOLL® CPT 9630 (3 mm)
  • DuploCOLL® CPT 9640 (4 mm)

A blind is mounted on the window frame with adhesive tape.jpg

Room darkening systems

Customer Benefits:

  • Simple attachment of different components
  • No damage to the window due to mechanical attachment
  • Self-adhesive finishing of the cassette and side guide rails possible during the production process
  • Suitable for tilt windows


  • DuploCOLL® 5011
  • DuploCOLL® 5110
  • DuploCOLL® 918
  • DuploCOLL® 9183
  • DuploCOLL® 1245
  • DuploCOLL® 370
  • DuploCOLL® 378

A self-adhesive wallpaper is mounted on the wall.jpg

Adhesive wall art

Customer Benefits:

  • Wall covering in no time at all
  • Thin self-adhesive transfer film – no wallpaper paste necessary
  • Paper or filmic liner referring to basic type of wallpaper
  • Easy to apply to the back of non-woven, paper, and structured wallpapers
  • Presented in most used standard width of wallpapers or as used for the process
  • Length will be customized


  • DuploCOLL® 27000


DuploCOLL® 918: A classic for mirror bonding

Held in place as if by magic: mirrors in many shapes and sizes. Be it on wood, ceramic, glass, metal or plastic. The connecting medium between the surfaces is DuploCOLL® 918. In use for more than 32 years.


Amount of adhesive for secure mirror fixing.


Height of mirror in m

Width of mirror in m

Thickness of mirror in mm

Result in kg

Amount of adhesive tape:

Two 19 mm widths per

metre length or

Two 25 mm widths per

metre length

 Door panels are fixed with adhesive tape .jpg 

Bonding of door panels

Customer Benefits:

  • Excellent initial tack and stability (cohesion)
  • Especially suitable for large-pored material surfaces
  • Replaces liquid bonds → no curing time required
  • Available at up to 1.5 mm material width
  • High age-resistance

DuploCOLL® 810:

  • Particularly suitable for coarse-pored material surfaces due to the pronounced viscoelastic adhesive setting
  • High resistance to warpage
  • Good ageing resistance
  • White paper carrier
  • Yellow paper liner
  BRE_BondingDoorPanels_StripCoating_1411_PNG_1920 (RGB).png  

DuploCOLL® 21696:

  • High initial adhesion
  • High adhesive strength even at low temperatures
  • Strip coating with finger lift (20 mm adhesive / 8 mm adhesive-free, repetitive)
  • Good ageing resistance
  • Plasticiser-free polymer dispersion, free of resin additives
  • Available up to 1500 mm material width
  • Yellow paper linerr

Decorative elements are attached to a door with adhesive tape.jpg

Bonding of decorative elements

Customer Benefits:

  • High initial and final adhesion
  • Fast and easy handling
  • Resistant to temperature, UV radiation, ageing, weathering, plasticizers and solvents
  • Bonding of different materials with different expansion coefficients
  • No curing times necessary


  • DuploCOLL® 9042
  • DuploCOLL® 56002
  • DuploCOLL® 5016

Window bars are stuck to a glass pane with adhesive tape.jpg

Bonding of muntin bars

Customer Benefits:

  • Adhesive tape with a flexible foam structure for excellent retention of materials with different expansion coefficients
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays
  • High weather resistance
  • Highly weatherproof
  • Also tested on special surfaces such as bioglass


  • DuploCOLL® 9182 / 9184 (black / white)
  • DuploCOLL® 21606 / 21607 (black / white)

A window pane is stuck into the frame using black adhesive tape.jpg

Static Direct Glazing of glass

Customer Benefits:

  • Transmission of static load to the glazing; profile does not require reinforcement since load is transferred
  • Can be applied to different materials, such as PVC, wood, aluminum and glass-reinforced materials
  • Slimmer profile design now possible through improvement of entire static system
  • Excellent properties in terms of resistance to UV rays, temperature and the weather
  • Adhesive tape provides sealing properties
  • The adhesive tape can be applied inline, creating an easy, systemic, series production solution
  • No investment in production technology required for processing
  • Certificates: ift VE 08/2 and RAL 716GZ


  • DuploCOLL® 56002
  • DuploCOLL® 56003
  • DuploCOLL® 56005

Profile of a window frame with glued-in pane.jpg

Adapter profile for Static Direct Glazing of glass

Customer Benefits:

  • Static dry bonding for all profile geometries
  • Patented solution for our customers
  • Customized solution – ideal when profile designs need to be conserved
  • Easy to insert and remove the profile; adapter profile provides a maximum bonding surface to the glass
  • Efficient solution for prefabricated frame structures
  • Easy to remove the tape and adapter profile when recycling the window and when removing broken panes
  • Adapter profile can be produced in PVC, GRP, aluminum or combinations with co-extruded materials
  • Certificates: ift VE 08/2 7 and RAL 716GZ
  • Excellent results in terms of resistance to UV rays, temperature and the weather


  • DuploCOLL® 56002

Decorative foil is applied to the window frame.jpg

Bonding of decorative film

Customer Benefits:

  • Adhesive system ideally suited for outdoor applications
  • Ideal for repairing damaged film surfaces on the construction site
  • Excellent adhesion to a range of materials, such as PVC, aluminum, wood and RFG
  • Excellent tack


  • DuploCOLL® 102
  • DuploCOLL® 103

   T4631_01_BRE_PartitionWallAssembly_CPT_1311_PNG_1920 (RGB) (1).png 

Assembly of partition walls

Customer benefits:

  • Time- and cost-saving connection of glass elements
  • Highly transparent for clear connections with compensating and sealing properties
  • Dirt-repellent due to passivated outer edges
  • Low cleaning effort

Material properties:

  • Excellent stress equalization
  • Compensation of glass tolerances through viscoelasticity
  • High initial tack, lasting strong adhesion
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and plasticizers

T4731_01_RailingFixation_CPT_PNG_1920 (RGB).png

Railing fastening

Customer benefits:

  • Visually very high quality adhesive tape
  • Very good compatibility with the foil of the laminated glass
  • Very good shock absorption in the ball-drop test
  • Extremely good aging resistance
  • Application and profile bonding without time delay due to curing times
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Also available as edge-passivated version
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