Closed recycling loop for paper liners

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Siliconized paper liners, which are waste products in the adhesive bonding process, were previously thermally recycled and could not be reused as new or equivalent products. Their standard dark brown color and comparatively low volume in paper recycling not only made separate recycling of white recyclable glassine economically unviable, but also contaminated the quality of the recycled light-colored pulp.

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With new recyclable paper liners, we are now making exactly this possible in cooperation with UPM Specialty Papers. Through the innovative LinerLoop™ recycling system, the white, siliconized paper liners are collected and reprocessed by selected recycling companies. As a result, two-thirds of our liner systems at Lohmann, including 41% of the filmic liners, are already fully recyclable.



The result:

  • less material consumption
  • cost savings due to the elimination of waste disposal
  • recycled, high-quality paper products
  • a significant contribution to the circular economy

A benefit for our environment - and for our customers.


Reduce waste


Reduce waste costs

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Enable circularity

Towards a circular economy: the liner portfolio for our adhesive tapes

Liner typer Material Recyclability
Filmic liner HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP (all colors) yes
Paper liner (white) Siliconized paper yes
Paper liner (yellow) Siliconized paper no
Paper liner (PE-coated) PE paper, siliconized (all colors) no

How does LinerLoop™work?

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We want to help you make your production more sustainable and reduce your costs at the same time.

Via the platform CELAB Europe you can find recycling providers in your area:

CELAB Europe is an association of the entire value chain for adhesive tape solutions, enabling stakeholders to collect and recycle their used carrier and matrix materials. With the support of internal and external industry experts, the association has validated a number of European solution providers for this purpose.

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