Automotive Glazing Applications with Lohmann's UV-LUX® technology

Safe and efficient processes for the automotive industry

Inspired by possibilities arising from bonding ever new materials providing higher performance, additional functions and ensuring secure bonding, Lohmann has developed the world’s first UV-light activatable adhesive tape technology – UV-LUX®.

UV-LUX® technology reaching semi-structural bonding strengths elevates adhesive tape application to a new level meeting high standards for automotive glazing. The technology withstands climatic changes and constant load during and after assembly. What’s more, it also provides safe and repeatable bonding processes. Therefore, bonding with UV-LUX® allows automotive OEMs to introduce a zero-gap strategy also for glass components being assembled in the car body, ruling out relative movements of (VSG& ESG) glass modules entirely and contributing to noise dampening. Fixating glass modules within the chassis (called “pin bonding”) thanks to short activation time and color change provides an efficient, flexible and safe bonding process. Thanks to these benefits, the Bonding Engineers are now able to provide customers with smart bonding solutions in the area of automotive glazing with an even wider product range

The benefits of the UV-LUX® technology

Freedom of design & manufacturing process

  • Non translucent materials can be bonded
  • No sliding after curing
  • Pre-application on parts is possible
  • Converting into customized shape
  • Post autoclave bonding process possible
  • No cooling-chain necessary

Fast and efficient bonding process

  • One side & one step activation in seconds
  • Ionic curing process
  • No additional heat
  • Activation check (due to colour-change)
  • Initial tack before activation
  • High strength after activation and bonding



Reliable bonding process due to color change

 NTBD_colors-en (1).png 
  1. Starting color blue: Adhesive tape is pre-applicable at room temperature and activatable within a few seconds
  2. Color change to pink: After UV-light activation. Can be joined immediately afterwards
  3. Color change to purple: After 24 hours. Curing is completed


Positioning pins bonding to glass


   NTBD_LocatorPins (1).png   



Solution advantages with UV-LUX®:

  • Customized converting for pin geometry
  • Adhesive tape die-cut pre-application on pin in separate process at room temperature
  • Quick activation and open time for pin bonding to glass
  • Handling strength immediately after bonding – no need for additional fixation
  • Increased process safety by color change after activation
  • No sliding after curing – glass remains in desired position
  • No post-processing needed

  NTBD_UV-LUX_Steps (1).png 

1. Blue pre-applied tape & protected by an opaque liner

2. Activation in seconds in one step. Open time of ~ 5 minutes

3. Bonding with a pressure of 15 N/cm²

4. Curing within 24 hours. Immediate handling possible