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Mar 6, 2018 Lohmann adhesive tapes provide protection against burglars It‘s not quite top on the list of house owners yet, but the desire to protect oneself and one’s property from burglars is becoming increasingly important. Jan 30, 2018 Beyond adhesion to skin February 20th and 21st in Munich sees the In-adhesives Symposium on “Innovation in Adhesives and their Applications”. Jan 24, 2018 An excellent year for Lohmann’s DuploFLEX® plate mounting tapes 2017 was a particularly successful year for Lohmann’s graphic team. Jan 17, 2018 53rd regional competition „Jugend Forscht“ (Youth Researches): Spring (Jump)! In a few weeks the moment will finally arrive again: The regional competition "Jugend Forscht – school students experiment" will be held at Lohmann in Neuwied. Dec 19, 2017 Successful workshop on lightweight construction Lohmann hosts the event of the transfer initiative RLP Nov 23, 2017 Lohmann with their first information booth at the International Textile Conference With more than 600 participants at the last event, the Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference is one of the most important textile conferences in Europe and takes place on a rotational basis at one of the three locations. Oct 9, 2017 Lohmann presents its broad product portfolio at the Polyclose On the occasion of the Polyclose, which will be held in Ghent, Belgium, from January 17 to 19, 2018, Lohmann’s market segment Building and Renewables presents its wide range of products and several new innovations. Sep 29, 2017 Lohmann and Jodl A winning team in the field of flexographic printing Sep 26, 2017 Flexible packaging industry: Expertise is the key The flexible packaging industry is in continuous development. Innovative solutions and expert training in the special technology of flexible printing will be a key factor for future success. Aug 18, 2017 A healthy living environment with Lohmann The series from the construction sector receives seal of approval Aug 8, 2017 Corrugated board printing and packaging belong together When it comes to the printing of packaging, “Flexo”, as a modern high-pressure process plays a key role. Aug 7, 2017 Lohmann USA Grand Opening of the new site Jul 24, 2017 "The Driving License for Bonding" Lohmann trains employees to become adhesive specialists Jul 5, 2017 Silicone-free and temperature-resistant Lohmann has developed a new adhesive system for the electronics industry Jul 4, 2017 Successful Dragon Boat Festival for Lohmann GB Money donated to Organization "Age UK" Jul 4, 2017 The scientists of tomorrow Lohmann supports the “Children's University” of the Technical University Kaiserslautern Jun 26, 2017 At the cutting edge of modern medicine Lohmann’s medical segment has great plans for the future Jun 13, 2017 An innovative collaboration Flint Group and Lohmann combine more than 300 years of experience in order to meet future customer demands Jun 2, 2017 Lohmann conquers the textile industry: First successful exhibition appearance at the Techtextil Under the motto "Connecting the Future", around 1400 international exhibitors came together in Frankfurt to present their textile product innovations to the fair visitors at this year’s Techtextil. Jun 1, 2017 TurkeyBuild in Istanbul: Lohmann's successful trade fair appearance The TurkeyBuild in Istanbul is one of the largest Turkish trade fairs in the construction sector and took place for the first time in 1978. May 9, 2017 Bonding on wood: Ift Expert Day at the Lohmann Technology Center After the first joint Expert Day in 2013, the ift Rosenheim (Institute for Window Technology) had again selected Lohmann as the host of this year's symposium on the topic of bonding and sealing in the building shell. May 3, 2017 7 + 1 Epoxy-Tapes: Unique possibilities for structural bonding The developments in automotive lightweight construction with a variety of different material combinations, the trend towards electro mobility and the need to save weight even in the case of adhesive solutions, always require new bonding solutions. Apr 18, 2017 Lohmann conquers the textile industry: First exhibition appearance at the Techtextil The Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens and exhibits the entire range of application possibilities of textile technologies. Apr 7, 2017 The Winner takes it all - EFIA members celebrate awards success Since 1972 the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA), headquartered in the UK, has been supporting the entire flexographic print supply chain with support tools and initiatives to drive the industry forward with higher levels of recognition, operational efficiency and technical knowledge. Apr 4, 2017 Dry Static Bonding and DuploCOLL® CPT: Lohmann's powerful duo for the TurkeyBuild The TurkeyBuild in Istanbul is one of the largest Turkish trade fairs in the construction sector and took place for the first time in 1978. Mar 15, 2017 A firework of ideas – First „Open Innovation Workshop“ at Lohmann Lohmann´s first “Open Innovation Workshop” in the new Technology Center has been a success. Mar 13, 2017 Lohmann’s “graphic artists” on familiar ground Strategic partnership: Dortschy and Lohmann together at "ProFlex" Mar 7, 2017 INDEX 17 - Lohmann-koester on the innovative road Every three years, the international Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX in Geneva is the meeting point of all leading suppliers in the hygiene industry. Mar 2, 2017 Lohmann and Tresu a good collaboration: TRESU’s new iTape adhesive improves performance on flexo coating lines for digitally printed folding cartons Feb 28, 2017 CIDPEX17 - China and Lohmann-koester: A winning team The CIDPEX (China International Tissue & Disposable Hygiene Products Exhibition & Conference) is regarded as the largest international trade fair for hygienic disposable products and is held annually in China. Feb 17, 2017 Lohmann presents its new product solutions at the MosBuild 2017 On the occasion of the MosBuild, which will be held in Moscow from April 4 to 7, 2017, Lohmann’s market segment Building and Renewables presents its wide range of products and several new innovations. Feb 7, 2017 Intelligent bonding of textile structures: Open Innovation Workshop at Lohmann Neuwied When the first Open Innovation Workshop at Lohmann takes place on 7th and 8th March 2017, everything will revolve around the future of intelligent bonding methods. Feb 6, 2017 Innovation in the field of structural bonding: DuploTEC® 10630 SBF The "Bonding Engineers" from Lohmann have developed a new adhesive solution for glass-metal compounds in the automotive industry. Jan 18, 2017 Lohmann customers successful at the Flexostars 2016 Each year, the Association Technique Francaise de Flexographie (ATF Flexo) presents the so-called Flexostars to honour the best submitted flexographic prints. Jan 13, 2017 Adhesive technologies - potentials and developments in the automotive industry This is the title of a joint event of the Fahrzeug-Initiative Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. (the Car Initiative Rheinland-Palatinate) and Lohmann. Jan 12, 2017 Lohmann's "Bonding Arena" is now a virtual experience With the inauguration of its new application technology laboratory, the so-called "Bonding Arena" at the company headquarters in Neuwied, Lohmann has created a modern working environment that is absolutely unparalleled. Jan 10, 2017 „Shower of Gold“ for Lohmann customers: 2016 was an award-winning year The past year was especially successful for Lohmann’s Market Segment Graphics and their customers. Dec 2, 2016 The Bonding Arena sets new standards In October the new Bonding Arena has opened its doors in the technology center at the Neuwied site and Lohmann has once again taken a major step towards the working world of the future. Nov 24, 2016 Lohmann presents its new product solutions at the BAU On the occasion of the BAU, which will be held in Munich from January 16 to 21, 2017, Lohmann’s market segment Building and Construction presents its wide range of products and several new innovations. Nov 14, 2016 Lohmann among the finalists of the GWA Profi Awards Great delight at Lohmann‘s Marketing and Communication department. Nov 10, 2016 Lohmann website with a new look It has been online for several days now: Lohmann's new website. Nov 4, 2016 Lohmann Technology Center: Welcome to a new world October 28th 2016 was a big day for Lohmann: After three years of construction we could celebrate the successful completion of our new Technology (TEC-) Center in Neuwied. Oct 26, 2016 The Lohmann TEC Center: Center for Innovation completed The new technology center (TEC Center) at the headquarters in Neuwied is Lohmann's resounding "yes" to progress, innovation and a sustainable customer orientation. Sep 5, 2016 DuploTEC® SBF range: “Topaz” gets addition to the family To further strengthen Lohmann´s reactive chemistry portfolio the company has launched three new products: Aug 26, 2016 Lohmann Asia Pacific is growing: New site in Thailand With a long history stretching back over 160 years, Lohmann is one of the pioneering forces in adhesive tape technology. Jul 8, 2016 DuploCOLL® G: Innovative Bonding on Glass Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have developed a new solution for the bonding on glass (DuploCOLL® G range) in the automobile industry. Jul 8, 2016 Launch of DuploMED Soft-Stick® Series: Breaktrough silicone-free Wound Care Adhesives Lohmann announces the launch of its newest custom adhesive solution—the DuploMED Soft-Stick® series. Jun 10, 2016 Lohmann Specialty Coatings to invest $6.7 million to expand manufacturing operation Lohmann Specialty Coatings LLC, a subsidiary of Lohmann Corporation and Subsidiaries, will invest $6.7 million to expand its manufacturing operation in Orange County. Jun 2, 2016 Innovation for Flexo printing: Lohmann’s new „Engineered Bonding“ tape The “Bonding Engineers” of Lohmann have developed a new plate mounting tape (DuploFLEX® 5 EB) for the graphical industry. May 27, 2016 Lohmanns „Flexperts“ now online: New Intranet presence „Graphics“ When the Drupa opens its gates on the 31st May 2016 the new Microsite of Lohmann’s market segment „Graphics“ will also be online. May 18, 2016 See, feel, experience: Lohmann’s „FlexoLAB“ at the Drupa When the Drupa takes place from May 31st – June 10th 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, Lohmann’s market segment Graphics will present not only a broad range of products and many new developments, but also their innovative „FlexoLAB“. May 6, 2016 DuploFLEX 5® range successful at EFIA Awards Every year the European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) presents prizes in recognition of “the best of flexo” at the EFIA Print Awards Gala Dinner. Apr 5, 2016 IDEA 2016: Lohmann-koester presents individual solutions for the hygiene market When the international nonwoven event IDEA takes place from May 2nd – 5th in Boston, MA, USA, Lohmann-koester will also be there. Mar 18, 2016 CIDPEX and Lohmann-koester: An approved fair symbiosis The CIDPEX (China International Tissue & Disposable Hygiene Products Exhibition & Conference) is one of the world’s most important fairs for disposable hygiene products and takes place every year at a different location in China. Mar 16, 2016 New web presence „Building & Renewables“ Since this month the new landingpage of Lohmann’s “Building & Renewables” Market segment is online. Mar 16, 2016 Lohmann’s “Smart Bonding for Flexo“ at the Drupa At the Drupa, which takes place between the 31st May and 10th June 2016 in Dusseldorf, Lohmann will present its broad range of products and a number of new innovations in the market segment Graphics under the motto "Smart Bonding for Flexo". Dec 7, 2015 Lohmann’s new mirror bonding tape rivals extreme surfaces Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have developed a new mirror bonding tape (DuploCOLL® 91800) for the furniture industry and decorative foil producers. Nov 3, 2015 Gilles Durel of Lohmann is new Vice President of ATF Flexo Lohmann is proud to announce that as of 1st November Gilles Durel has been appointed Vice President of ATF Flexo in France. Oct 15, 2015 Lohmann’s Black Spacer let nothing shine through Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have developed a Black Spacer Tape (DuploCOLL 36050 BLK range) for the Membrane Switches industry.

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