Multifunctional bonding solutions for Electronics.

Smart bonding. New approaches for your engineering.

Developments in the sector of electronics are driven mainly by digitalization and miniaturization. No matter if in the car, at home or in medical engineering: Electronic components become physically smaller, more flexible and provide more functionalities at an increased speed. This leads potentially to more generated heat and a higher risk of interfering signals. These technical challenges continually require new bonding solutions that offer more than just joining components. They are responsible for smooth thermal or electrical management or serve other functions, such as sealing, damping, electromagnetic shielding or light-blocking.

Lohmann‘s multifunctional adhesive tapes are the optimal solution for the requirements of e-mobility, home connectivity or printed electronics. All products are optimized to be customized as die-cut solutions to fit perfectly into your manufacturing process.

Discover new engineering possibilities for your industry with Lohmann solutions.

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Others may also bond well. But when it comes to conducting or insulating electrically or thermally, with Lohmann you've come to the right place. The customized die-cut solutions of isotropic or anisotropic electrically conductive adhesive tapes – single or double sided – thermal interface materials as well as ESD protection films are designed to fit perfectly in your process.

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New and with great handling advantages: Our silicone-free adhesive tape range is not only temperature and chemical resistant, but can also be processed very efficiently.

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For durable membrane switches and all other keyboards, our flexible adhesive solutions are already tried and tested and well-established. New additions are the insulating properties. On request, we also realize individual thicknesses for you.

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Excellent sealing properties, good bonding characteristics and excellent dimensional stability - this distinguishes our thin sealing foams for displays and housings. In addition, they can be processed particularly well, which enables a particular freedom of design.

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Highly transparent and tough: Our optically clear tapes for design freedom in composition and form are resistant to temperature, humidity and UV light and enable almost invisible adhesive bonds.

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