DuploCOLL® 911XX NP range

Innovative bonding on modern paint systems

The automotive industry is evolving continuously – new vehicle concepts come along with new materials and new designs. This includes also paint surfaces, which shall not only protect the car body from mechanical and further external influences caused by weather conditions but also give a flawless appearance. Because visual perfection plays a vital role – a perfect finish is key to the important first impression.

Lohmann‘s Bonding Engineers meet these developments with the new DuploCOLL® NP range (NP = New Paint) for exterior applications in the automotive industry.

Anything but superficial

The double-sided PE foam tapes are equipped with a high-performance adhesive which is suitable for permanent bonding on all standard clear coat systems. Plastic exterior components can easily be bonded on coatings with medium and high surface energies.

This specially developed high-performance adhesive features an excellent final adhesion on dirt-repellent paint surfaces and offers an outstanding shear strength. According to standard ageing tests in the automotive industry (heat, humidity, cold, etc.) a constant performance is guaranteed. The entire portfolio was technically checked for clear coat systems of the Volkswagen Group as well as other OEM‘s.

The tapes of the DuploCOLL® NP range are an excellent alternative to Acrylic Foam adhesive tapes. The PE carrier foam can compensate for component tolerances better than hard, foamed systems. In addition, they have up to four times less weight.

 Productrange DC_NP_Lupe.jpg 
The compressible, permanently elastic PE carrier foam offers a variety of advantages:
  • Flexible and elastic
  • good adjustment to dimensional tolerances 
  • Compensation of different thermal expansions of substrates
  • Black color makes the tape almost invisible in the application
  • Good sealing characteristics thanks to the closed cell structure of the foam
  • Good processability thanks to dimensionally stable construction
  • The combination of the high-performance NP adhesive with the elastic PE foam carrier allows for an optimal surface wetting.

The DuploCOLL® 911XX NP portfolio at a glance


The DuploCOLL® 911XX NP portfolio consists of adhesive tape solutions in the layer thicknesses 0.60mm, 0.80 mm, 1.1 mm and 1.5 mm. Two liner variants are availabe. Each product can be delivered with either a white, siliconized paper liner or a yellow, single-sided siliconized PE film liner. Of course, all tapes of the portfolio are also available as rolls, spools or die-cuts in every requested format.

Product name Thickness Liner
DuploCOLL® 91106.5 NP 0.6 mm Siliconized paper white
DuploCOLL® 91108.5 NP 0.8 mm Siliconized paper white
DuploCOLL® 91108.1 NP 0.8 mm PE film yellow
DuploCOLL® 91111.1 NP 1.1 mm PE film yellow
DuploCOLL® 91115.1 NP 1.5 mm PE film yellow


Application examples DuploCOLL® 911XX NP product range

Exterior add-on parts

  • Permanent bonding of plastic trim parts to painted surfaces, e.g. side trims, roof trims, sill board covers, kick plates, emblems and letterings, etc..
  • The NP adhesive on the open side offers a perfect performance on standard plastics of any components
  • Upon request, assembly aids for the application of emblems and letterings can be provided, too.

Data sheets

 DuploCOLL® 91106.5 NP_de.pdf   DuploCOLL® 91108.5 NP_de.pdf   DuploCOLL® 91111.1 NP_de.pdf   DuploCOLL® 91115.1 NP_de.pdf 
  DuploCOLL® 91106.5 NP_en.pdf    DuploCOLL® 91108.5 NP_en.pdf    DuploCOLL® 91111.1 NP_en.pdf     DuploCOLL® 91115.1 NP_en.pdf  


The complete product range of PE foam tapes for exterior bonding solutions include the solutions “New Paints” (NP) for bonding plastic-to-paint, “Advanced Plastics” (AP) for bonding plastic-to-plastic and Glass (G) for bonding plastic-to-glass.

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Productportfolio Transportation en.pdf
Productportfolio Transportation en.pdf


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