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New skin adhesive with an extended wear time of 28+ days for wearable devices

There is probably no area in the adhesive industry that is more demanding than adhesion to skin. Subjected to constant change and fluctuating external influences, such as sweat, moisture or shear force due to sportive activities – a safe and reliable skin adhesive is a key requirement for device manufacturers.

Lohmann's new 28+ days longwear skin adhesive enables cost-reduction and sustainability in medical wearables applications

The new longwear skin adhesive DuploMED® 85300 from Lohmann offers the answer to these requirements: a water resistant and breathable medical grade adhesive with high flexibility. The new technology enables wearable devices, such as CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) applications, post-surgery recovery or long wear cardiac monitoring, to be worn longer and, therefore, pay towards sustainability and patient‘s comfort. With an outstanding wear time of 28 days (and beyond), the adhesive tape offers a high level of comfort and can be removed painlessly for the majority of trial participants. After the desired wearing time, it can be removed without residue. The skin adhesive is certified as biocompatible according to ISO 10993.



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Product benefits:

  • Longwear technology with 28+ days wear time
  • Water resistance
  • Highly flexible
  • Medical tape designed for all skin types
  • Breathable adhesive (MVTR >250 g/m²/day)
  • Biocompatibility according to ISO 10993

Your customer's advantages:

  • Fewer restrictions in everyday life due to less frequent changes of the wearable 
  • High wearing comfort due to skin-friendly skin adhesive
  • Residue free removal 
  • Painless removal for majority of trial participants (Wong-Baker < 3)



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Proven quality

With more than 85 years of experience in the production of pressure sensitive tapes, Lohmann delivers innovative medical device tapes with industry-proven quality.

Our new adhesive tape DuploMED® 85300 offers a wear time of 28 days and beyond and is characterised by very good skin compatibility. In the course of product development, our adhesive tape was intensively tested in several internal wear studies around the globe. Lern more about the study results in our whitepaper: Whitepaper 28 day wear study.pdf 

The new product DuploMED® 85300 shows a better survival rate than all other products tested, offering comfort, conformability and durability. 

   Wear time Survival rate.png

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In addition to our tapes for shorter wear times, DuploMED® 85300 now offers a 28+ day wear time. This makes it perfect for longwear applications such as CGM devices. For applications with shorter wear time (e.g. insulin pumps, smart health patches or continuous temperature measurement) our wearables portfolio also offers the right product.


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High-precision die-cuts for wearables applications


DuploMED® 85300 is available as a roll material as well as high-precision die-cut parts. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of the most demanding die-cuts, even the most complex geometries are possible. 

Benefit from our development and manufacturing expertise: As a partner for the medical industry, we offer deep vertival integration, encompassing material selection, prototyping, production, processing and packaging at different scales. 

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