The Vapor Barrier Tape

All in one - one for all

The new universal vapor barrier tape

Permanent air- and windtight sealing is getting more and more important for sustainable constructing. For interior applications various adhesive tapes are used by default. Concerning windtight sealing, bonding solutions for exterior applications have to meet even higher demands. Lohmann combines these different bonding requirements in just one single tape.

A true all-rounder

Our tape is an excellent choice for air- and windtight bonds on connections, penetrations and overlaps in the interior and exterior area on a variety of substrates.

The tape is perfect for multifunctional uses. A special smooth carrier allows for keeping track as well as for a good elongation. The newly developed adhesive offers an excellent inital tack and a strong final bonding performance.

Carrier and adhesive are tuned to the exterior conditions. Even in cold weather the initial tack is very good and can be processed at temperatures of down to -10°C.

The Universal-Tape has a high permanent adhesion. Its adhesive formula does without rubber, resin or solvents. It cannot dry out or become brittle. Outdoor exposure - UV stability and waterproofness - up to 12 months is given without covering. Construction movements are compensated reliably and durably.

Identical tape construction in various colors

The structure consists of a polyethylene-carrier and a scrim. The adhesive mass is made of a dispersion adhesive with a very strong tack. Because of its excellent initial and final adhesion the Universal-Tape can be used for numerous surfaces.

 Content_DuploCOLL® 21124 .png 

DuploCOLL® 21124
The adhesive tape is available with a black carrier film (DuploCOLL® 21124) by default or with a white carrier film (DuploCOLL® 21125) and is easily hand-tearable due to its jagged edges. Tearable yet tearproof during processing. Suitable for a quick and easy application.

The tape construction for the transfer version

The tape consists of a scrim, coated on both sides with an extremely strong dispersion adhesive. Due to its excellent initial and final tack the Transfer-Tape can be used for numerous surfaces.


DuploCOLL® 22522 and DuploCOLL® 22523

  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Very high initial tack even at low temperatures
  • Applicable down to -10°C
  • Outdoor exposure of up to 12 months (depending on the carrier)
  • Low emissions
 Content_Vapor-Barrier_AirtightSealing400.png   Content_B&C_Vapor-Barrier_Outdoor400.png   Content_B&C_Vapor-Barrier_Einblasloch400.png 
Penetration bonding Sealing exterior roof and facade sheeting Bonding overlaps and injection holes


  • Very good initial tack, even in cold weather, for standard mounting requirements
  • Processing temperature down to -10°C
  • Waterproof and resistant against driving rain
  • Hand-tearable
  • Very good adhesion on a wide range of substrates
  • Solvent-free, certified according to EMICODE®
  • UV-resistant
  • Outdoor exposure of up to 12 months
  • Aging resistance tested according to DIN 4108-11
Our certifications

The Universal-Tape is labelled with the GEV seal EMICODE® EC1 for a low-emission construction product. The environmental requirements for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and emission regulations according to label M1 are fulfilled, too.

We take into account the market requirements and test the bond according to DIN 4108-11. This standard certifies the minimum requirements for the durability of bonds used for airtight layers. For that, the shear strength is examined, especially under difficult conditions as a consequence of an artificial aging process in a climatic chamber.

What‘s more: In addition to testings on the durability of the bond we examine the alternating loads according to procedure B of DIN 4108-11. This includes simulations of the load that effects the bond at maximum wind speed. This test is not obligatory for us but it guarantees our customers an even higher level of safety applying our products.

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