Our CO2 footprint

High value creation, low emissions

The Europe-wide goal is clearly formulated: by 2045, we will jointly limit global warming to 1.5°C in order to leave the world a livable space for future generations. The United Nations Paris Climate Agreement is the basic agreement between governments and companies to meet this enormous challenge – with conviction and vigor. We, too, are committed to these UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our goal: Climate neutrality of all Lohmann sites by 2035

Our sustainability management is a central pillar of Lohmann's corporate strategy. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of becoming climate neutral as early as 2035.

Scope 1 and 2: Climate neutrality at Lohmann sites

To achieve this, we are looking at our entire value chain and taking various measures to continually reduce our direct and indirect emissions and their impact on the climate. In the first step, we start with our own sites: This includes the optimization of our production and processes (Scope 1) as well as their energy requirements (Scope 2).

At many sites, including our main production site in Neuwied / Koblenz and our Competence Center Die-Cutting in Remscheid, we already obtain 100% green electricity from hydropower, and we also produce with renewable energies in Austria and Sweden. By 2035, we will successively implement the switch at all international production sites where we have a direct influence on energy supply.

We are continuously optimizing our processes to actively save raw materials and energy, reduce waste, and increasingly enable recycling and circular economy.

Scope 3: Sustainable procurement

The largest share of our carbon footprint is caused by Scope 3, which for us in terms of volume relates primarily to our purchased raw materials, in addition to logistics, business travel and waste. We are aware that the procurement of raw materials can have a significant impact on the environment and therefore ensure that we only purchase goods from suppliers who are also committed to sustainable sourcing. Materials must be responsibly sourced and mined and processed in an ecologically sound manner.

The ECO portfolio: Our bio-based product range