Adhesive tapes for the production of refrigerators and freezers

The requirements for adhesive tapes in refrigerators and freezers are high: the single- or double-sided adhesive tapes used should enable heat exchange, be resistant to water vapor and other moisture and insulate against noise and vibrations.

Depending on the area of application, the adhesive solutions must have a high adhesive strength on a wide variety of surfaces or provide thermal insulation.

The adhesive tapes from Lohmann's Home Appliances portfolio meet these requirements perfectly. They make installation easier, shorten production times and increase the design freedom of cooling appliance manufacturers.

Applications of adhesive tapes in refrigerators:

Cooling cycle components


Evaporator panels

With our double-sided non-woven adhesive tapes, evaporators are bonded to the entire surface of the refrigerator interior housing. This prevents PU foam from infiltrating the construction during the foaming process and enables an ideal heat exchange between evaporator and inner housing.



  • High initial tack on plastics (polystyrene) and metals
  • Moisture resistance
  • Good processing of rolls

Cool_Sticking evaporator plates on the refrigerator with Lohmann adhesive tape.png

 Cool_Gasket bonding in the refrigerator.png 



Single- or double-sided adhesive die-cut parts made of closed-cell foams in various thicknesses which are designed for your specific processing and geometries. They seal the air manholes and contribute to thermal insulation.



  • Good compressability
  • Long-term constant restoring force
  • Available in many strenghts and densities
  • Suitable for manual and automatical processes



Vaccum insulation panel

Our thin, double-sided adhesive tapes fixate the vaccum insulation panels before foaming. They prevent the insulation panels from slipping and, simultaneously, omitt noises and vibration.



  • High intial tack
  • Good adjustement to surface structure of insulation panels
  • Easy processability

 SolventFree_Recycle.png  Cool_Bonding of vacuum insulation panels with Lohmann adhesive tape.png

Decorative parts

Cool_Mounting decorative glass fronts on the refrigerator with Lohmann adhesive tape.png

Decorative glass cover

With our closed-cell foam adhesive tapes a quick, clean and safe installation of glass fronts is possible. Without slipping and curing times. An additional mechanical fixation is not necessary. We draw from our many years of know-how as one of the market leaders in the field of mirror bonding in the furniture industry. Our foam tapes are available on rolls, spools or die-cut parts.


  • High adhesion on many finishings and surfaces
  • UL-certified
  • Excellent automatic processability
  • Available in different strenghts and thicknesses

Decorative edge cover for built-in refrigerators

Our single-sided adhesive decorative film tapes are used to cover visible edges on appliance doors in built-in refrigerators. We adapt our products to your design and your manufacturing processes.


  • Adaptable colors and surface structures
  • Good abrasion resitance and color fastness
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • High process safety during handling

Cool_Bonding of decorative elements in the refrigerator with Lohmann adhesive tape.png

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