Innovative and reliable adhesive solutions for ostomy applications

With over 20 years of experience, we offer adhesive solutions that serve as vital component parts for Ostomy products. Our materials have become an important and reliable choice for today's colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy applications, for various requirements such as skin contact, secure closure systems, heat-weldability, odor control, and fluid management. As a fully integrated supplier, we offer innovative, multifunctional products on rolls or as individual high-precision die-cuts that are value-engineered and purpose-designed. 

At Lohmann, we focus on functionality and biocompatibility in our medical-grade adhesives. We develop and test our adhesives to meet the highest standards and address specific application requirements. Our range of Ostomy adhesives is suitable for both two-piece and one-piece pouching systems. Whether you're working on a new application or looking to replace your existing one, we can recommend the best off-the-shelf solution or develop a custom-made one specifically tailored to your individual requirements. 


We understand that Ostomy bag raw materials are primarily selected for their barrier properties, often neglecting their ability to bond with adhesives. To overcome this challenge, Lohmann has developed a selection of adhesives that provide a strong bond to low surface energy materials. These adhesives are available as transfer films or coated to a range of carriers, including foams and films. Our Bonding Engineers thoroughly test the compatibility and reliability of our adhesives with the most commonly used bag materials.

All of our DuploMED® Ostomy products are biocompatible and manufactured to EN ISO 13485 standards, providing high-quality and reliable solutions for your Ostomy applications.

Lohmann solutions for ostomy devices

We offer a wide portfolio of adhesive solutions, components and material combinations for a variety of ostomy applications, for example:

  • Die-cut solutions for mounting charcoal filter 
  • Closure reinforcement systems, e.g. outlet stiffeners 
  • Pull tab solutions as die-cuts on rolls
  • Hook and Loop closure systems
  • Film, PE foam and non-woven solutions for bonding pouch to baseplate
  • Skin-friendly low trauma adhesives for body contact areas

Our adhesive solutions and manufacturing services bring safety, flexibility and reliability to ostomy devices and thus improve the comfort in daily life of stoma care patients. Get in contact with us to talk about your customized solution!


Base plate top cover fixation to bag

Maintaining a reliable bond between the ostomy bag and the baseplate and keeping its contents sealed is of vital importance. The baseplate acts as a crucial interface between the pouch and the user's skin and has to withstand constant movement. Therefore, establishing a reliable baseplate-to-bag bond is critical. We offer a wide range of solutions in PE Foams, EMA films and non-woven substrates to address this challenge.

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Your benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to low surface energy materials
  • Adhesives available as transfer films or coated to a range of carriers
  • Medical grade components



  • DuploMED® 22260 / DuploMED® 22262 / Flexible foam tape
  • DuploMED® 80008 / EMA film


Hook and Loop Closure Systems

Hook and loop closure systems on a drainable illeostomy bag are a vital component in an open ended pouch system providing security, ease of use and durability. Lohmann offers a wide range of solutions in hook and loop systems in various formats to suit all design needs. Our Lohmann DuraHOOK is thinner and more flexible than traditional hook systems. Its mushroom head design protects the landing zone from damage and it offers high peel and shear performance for reliable hold.

Your benefits

  • Flexibility in design and function
  • Adhesives with good bonding strength to different plastics
  • Medical grade components
  • Adaptable presentation in master rolls, slit rolls and die-cuts



  • Backing: Foams, films and nonwovens in tan or white
  • Adhesive: Acrylic and rubber based adhesives
  • DuploMED® 22260 / DuploMED® 22262 / Flexible foam tape
  • DuploMED® SUR 62410 / translucent PU film tape
  • DuploMED® 45230 / Tan coloured film tape
  • DuraHOOK 68101 / Hook tape with medical adhesive
  • DuraLOOP 68011 / Loop tape with medical adhesive
T5500_01_Ostomy_ClosureSystem_PNG_600 (RGB).png

From high-tech tapes to process integration:  
Lohmann supports you locally - with InHouse-Converting at numerous locations worldwide

The whole product portfolio of single- and double-sided adhesive tape solutions is available on rolls, spools, as die-cuts or sheets. Lohmann provides customized solutions in a wide variety of materials that combine the individually required properties. From the initial idea to the implementation into the final process Lohmann produces customer-specific adhesive tapes and converts them into die-cuts. Directly from one source, independently from intercontinental supply chains, in various high-precision manufacturing processes (e.g., laser plotter, rotary die-cutting, etc.) and in low μm-tolerances.

Benefit from Lohmann's converting network with numerous locations in Europe. With state-of-the-art coating, converting and die-cutting lines as well as technology centers, the experts in Lohmann's sites worldwide offer you all their know-how in the production and assembly of your individual adhesive solutions and advise you on site. 


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We advise and acompany you - from prototyping to full-scale production

We develop, produce, coat and die-cut adhesive solutions that have been used for medical products for more than 20 years. Regardless of whether a customer-specific design or standard products, we deliver innovative products that are precise, stable, biocompatible and ideal for short- or long-term use. Providing in-house state-of-the-art capabilities, which include adhesive formulation, polymerization and coating as well as cleanroom manufacturing and customized die-cutting, we are well-placed to support the needs of the market, both today and into the future. We offer our customers a solution-orientated “Smart Bonding Approach”. With our fully integrated value chain, a project management methodology that promotes and utilises tools such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), risk assessment, design of experiments and IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), PQ (Performance Qualification) validation, and a quality management system that operates in accordance with EN ISO 13485, Lohmann is your first choice partner for the design, development and commercialization of products for the Medical market.

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Partnership at eye level: applying our knowledge to develop innovative solutions

Lohmann is more than a supplier of adhesive tapes. Our Bonding Engineers offer a partnership at eye level, collaborating closely with you on the development, design and manufacturing of tailored solutions. Within our partnership, we provide numerous benefits, including being your development and manufacturing partner at once. With deep vertical integration spanning material selection, processing, and packaging we can streamline your time to market.


Collaboration - the key to innovative and patient-centric medical solutions

At Lohmann, we believe that the true path to breakthrough medical innovations lies in collaborative partnerships. By working closely with our partners, we can harness the power of diverse expertise and perspectives to drive progress that truly prioritizes patient well-being. Together, we ensure that cutting-edge products are designed not only with technical excellence, but also with the end-user's unique needs and preferences in mind. If you share our passion for advancing medical technology through strategic partnerships, we invite you to explore the opportunities for collaboration with Lohmann. Let us combine our expertise to revolutionize the industry and, most importantly, positively impact patient outcomes.

Application example: Leak Detection Sensor

Sensors play a vital role in various applications, providing advanced functionality. For patients relying on ostomy bags, a secure and sealed connection between the bag and the skin is crucial. Any leakage can lead to unpleasant situations in daily life. That's why early leak detection is essential, as it provides sufficient time to replace the device or enhance the sealing mechanism.

MED_StomaLeakageSensor_PNG_600 (RGB).png

Co-Creation with Lohmann

Customized to application specific requirements:

  • Wear time: Lohmann's skin-friendly adhesive products are designed for wear time, wear comfort and functionality
  • Sensor material: Adaption for the detection of different liquid types and controlled rate of liquid adsorption
  • Sensor shape: Adaption for different ostomy base plate sizes and shapes
  • Read-out electronics: Cooperation partners to meet customer specific requirements

We look forward to receiving your challenge!

By choosing Lohmann as your partner you will have access to a highly specialised, experienced and effective team with long-standing experience on the medical market who together with the Lohmann organisation can offer:

  • a dedicated project management team
  • experience of sourcing, developing and processing high-value functional materials
  • a broad die-cutting capability including roll-to-roll, flat-bed, rotary, pick-and-place and laser-on-the-fly
  • expert in-house testing equipment and test method development
  • product development and validation processes tailored to customers requirements
  • supply of small quantities to support scale-up
  • stable, well documented, traceable and fully auditable processes in accordance with EN ISO 13485 Quality Management System



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