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Our Ecological Impact 
In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront of global discourse, the concept of sustainability has become crucial in shaping the practices and strategies of industries worldwide. 

For an international adhesives company, embracing sustainability is not just an ethical choice but a business imperative, especially when operating globally. The adhesives industry, particularly in the realm of double-sided tapes, faces unique environmental challenges. The production process, from raw material acquisition to manufacturing, involves the use of chemicals and resources that have significant environmental footprints. 

In recent years, Lohmann has laid the groundwork for its environmental commitment in the key areas of Defossilization, Sustainable Resources, and Product Innovation. Our approach includes executing a defossilization roadmap to reduce emissions, prioritizing green energy, and enhancing energy efficiency across operations. We plan to further commit to the principles of a circular economy, focusing on resource efficiency and sustainable waste management. 

This commitment extends to responsible purchasing, ensuring our suppliers meet stringent environmental standards. Our continuous improvement in product sustainability and eco-innovation underlines our resolve to minimize our ecological footprint, while our collaborative partnerships in the industry foster a shared vision for a sustainable future. 

Green Energy

In 2023, our business unit Technical Products took a significant step towards defossilization.
We are proud to announce that our entire electricity demand of our german locations is now met by 100% green electricity, generated from TÜV Süd certified hydropower. This switch is a crucial part of our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our company and actively contribute to climate protection. 

By switching to hydropower, we significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Hydropower is a clean, renewable source of energy that emits no greenhouse gases during operation. This measure supports our goal of achieving a carbon-neutral operation and significantly improving our CO2 footprint.


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