Making Sustainability Tangible for Our Organization 

For our company, it is essential to pursue a holistic approach to sustainability, building on the foundations we have laid in recent years. We need to make the concept of sustainability tangible for all employees and clearly demonstrate how each department can contribute ecologically and socially. This involves empowering every area of our organization to independently develop and implement sustainable strategies and measures. To support this process, we have developed a framework that systematically illustrates Lohmann's commitment to sustainability and the specific areas we actively shape. This roadmap is intended to guide and inspire our collective journey towards a more sustainable operating model, based on the four dimensions of sustainability: EESG.


The detailed version of our framework breaks down our key sustainable impact areas into specific areas of action and impact, relevant to the entire organization. It guides and inspires each department and team to actively contribute to our sustainability goals by highlighting concrete measures and initiatives that clarify our path to a sustainable company.