High-tech adhesive tape solutions for smartcards and passport manufacturing

Security printers and smart card manufacturers have to increase safety measures constantly in order to safeguard sensitive information incorporated in their products. In order to protect passports, ID cards or smart cards against counterfeiting, tampering and unautorized access state of the art high-tech materials need to be employed.

Lohmann offers elegant bonding solutions for the following main applications


One essential component in the manufacturing process of these documents are adhesives and adhesive tapes used to bond various layers together, such as the cover page, inlay in passports and chips in smart cards. These tapes must meet strict requirements for durability, adhesion, and resistance to tampering. This is where Lohmann comes in, as a leading provider of secure high-tech adhesive solutions and customized services for security printing and smart card manufacturing industries.


Our innovative solutions help to combat counterfeiting and increase efficiency during the lamination process while realizing new security features. Furthermore, our DuploTEC® SBF adhesives offer an excellent adhesion to recycled materials such as Parley Ocean Plastic®, PLA and PVC thus enabling our customers to reduce the environmental footprint of their products.

We help manufacturers of cards & passports to "do more with less"

We do this by partnering with our customers in order to create mutually beneficial bonding solutions.


Our key driver for success is "doing more while using less." We provide solutions that enable our clients to achieve their objectives while optimizing resource usage. At the same time, the manufacturing process becomes leaner by means of increased energy efficiency and reduced cycle-times. And Lohmann’s bonding solutions do more than just bond: not only do they offer the possibility of pre-application at lower temperatures, they also come with a high flexibility after curing and do not embrittle. Due to their thermosetting properties, they feature outstanding mechanical durability.

Adhesive tape applications in the production of smart cards and passports

Chip bonding for smart cards

Lohmann offers innovative adhesive tapes that provide a secure and reliable connection between chip modules and antennas while reducing the environmental impact.

Your benefits

  • Low activation temperatures
  • High flexibility after curing
  • High and reliable conductivity in the z-direction
  • Solvent-free
  • Very good perfomance on recycled materials such as Parley Ocean Plastic®, PLA, rPET und rPVC
Schematic structure of a smartcard with chip on the track.png
Product Thickness Main Features
DuploTEC® 12410 SBF 40 μm Non-conductive
DuploTEC® 12420 SBF EC 65 μm Anisotropic, electrically conductive
We help card manufacturers improve their production process while reducing supplier dependency and increasing output. With DuploTEC® SBF, we offer a solvent-free thermoset transfer film that is easy to use and can be electrically conductive in the z-direction. This film can be used on in-use equipment, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for any card manufacturer. With DuploTEC® SBF, card manufacturers can reduce their environmental footprint while still creating high-quality smart cards.

Adhesive tapes for use on recycled materials

We know how important it is to protect the environment and reduce environmental impact. That's why our products are specifically designed for use on recycled materials. With DuploTEC® SBF, card manufacturers can reduce their environmental footprint while creating high-quality smart cards.

More on sustainability at Lohmann.


Cover page and inlay bonding

Lohmann helps passport manufacturers create secure connections between passport cover, inlay as well as inner pages and realize new material combinations.

Your benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Roll-to-roll ready
  • Suitable for new material combinations , e.g. PVC, PC, PPG TESLIN®, Neobond®, PETG, and paper
  • High flexibility after curing
  • Outstanding durability
Schematic structure of a passport.png
Product Thickness* Activation Temperature
DuploTEC® 12462 SBF 40 μm > 70 °C
DuploTEC® 680 SBF 12 μm > 95 °C
DuploTEC® 681 SBF 35 μm > 95 °C
The efficiency is increased during the cover page lamination process, without the typical disadvantages of liquid bonding (no aspiration, no need for cleaning). Whats's more, thanks to the extremely low activation temperature ( > 70 °C), the material is protected and energy is saved. Thanks to its special adhesive design the adhesive strength is immediately available and the material can be directly processed. With our adhesive tapes, we offer the most flexible, thermoset adhesive that supports high-speed, roll-to-roll processes. With that, our customers achieve their production goals while maintaining the highest standards of security and quality. All products can be provided directly on e.g. cover or inlay materials.

Innovative and customized solutions

Our bonding solutions are as individual as your requirements. Let’s co-create the perfect fit for your application – tailored to the type of secure document and its country of origin.

Thickness Range 5 μ - 300 μ
Adhesive Type Thermoset
Pre-lamination 55 °C
Activation 70-180 °C
Colors* Translucent, UV-dull, black
Formats Rolls, sheets, die-cuts
Suitable Materials* PC, synthetic materials, inlay materials, PLA, PVC, cover materials, paper
Additional Information Coating possible on the materials mentioned above


*Other colors, designs and materials on request

Schematic structure of an identity card with Lohmann adhesive tape.png
We offer solutions for overlay coatings, spine tapes, hinge support, individual die-cuts for films and adhesives, security features within the adhesives and much more. We are able to directly equip customerspecific substrates with adhesive and convert the product in the next step. Take your ideas and application challenges to us and let's find a solution together! Our passion for smart bonding solutions enables you to go beyond – get in touch with us to find out more!

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