The future of the automotive industry

Lohmann's adhesive solutions for electromobility

All means of transportation are powered by energy that comes from renewable sources, and CO2 emissions are reduced to zero. This idea is still a vision of the future. But our metropolises need new traffic concepts and our vehicles need new drive systems. The solution is: Electromobility. It can create the freedom of movement that modern societies need. New materials are being put to use because new design concepts and functions are being implemented and integrated in the car of the future. Design, entertainment and communication play an important role as well as new energy storage systems, such as fuel cells or lithium-ion batteries. This is where our “Bonding Engineers” come into play. With our functional adhesive tapes, in recent years we have launched innovations that play a considerable role in developments in the field of electromobility.

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"Adhesive solutions, in particular for the electronics of vehicles, are not only used to connect, but also perform thermal, electrical or other functions: they seal, dampen, cover and shield against light", explains Beatrice König-Platt, Head of Transportation. That is why we at Lohmann regard electromobility as a growing market for our adhesive solutions. In many areas, electric vehicles have their own special requirements compared to combustion vehicles. Due to the low noise level of an electric vehicle at low speeds, NVH (noise-vibration-harshness) solutions are more in demand than ever. For example, the antistatic product range from Lohmann offers protection against dust, scratches and electrostatic charges for functional surfaces and displays. The products in the DuploCOLL® AS range help protect the function of lenses, TFT and LCD modules and optically bonded touch displays. In addition, our adhesive engineers have developed various thermally conductive solutions for the thermal management of LEDs, power transistors, heat sinks and circuit boards, to name just a few.
The future of mobility - Autonomous - Connected -Electric - Shared - (ACES or CASE) presents all those involved with new challenges in terms of digitization, individualization in addition to the necessary technical innovations. We are constantly developing new, revolutionary adhesive solutions and gladly accept these challenges.


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