Our Lohmann FLEXperts


Your FLEXperts are available to help anytime, anywhere around the world.


Thomas joined Lohmann 10 years ago, after 20 years in pre-press. His approach as a FLEXpert is holistic, with good contacts, for instance to machine and plate manufacturers – and he sees himself as a bit of a Flexo Maniac.

Kcontact: thomas.holzer@lohmann-tapes.com



Stan started in the flexo industry as a mounter in preprint. With 26 years at Lohmann in multiple roles he now serves as Application Engineering Manager for North America. Stan brings extensive process and technical knowledge to our customers helping them every week to improve print results and optimize prepress and pressroom performance.

contakt: stan.riches@lohmann-tapes.com



After 16 years in the printing business and 8 years at Lohmann, Gilles has acquired a huge repertoire of skills and deep knowledge of the flexographic process in general and plate mounting tapes in particular.  

contakt: gilles.durel@lohmann-tapes.com



Luigi has been in the tapes market for more than 25 years. His area of expertise includes flexo printing and color management. He can provide you with in-depth knowledge on the mounting and demounting process as well as the best tools to avoid edge lifting. Whenever the question is, which DuploFLEX product might be the right one for you, Luigi will always come up with the perfect answer, no matter how specific the request. 

contakt: luigi.barbareschi@lohmann-tapes.com



With his education at the Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) plus many years of working in printing factories and with Lohmann, both Storm’s theoretical knowledge and practical experience are impressive. This is the perfect base for his work as a FLEXpert, in which he provides systematic, professional and practical solutions to his customers. 

Kontakt: storm.lei@lohmann-tapes.com



With 20 years in the flexo industry in South America, Bernardo is a veteran of the field. Among other things, he has gathered vast prepress and plate manufacturing experience when he worked for a large trade shop in Argentina and represented many of the major co-supplier brands in the flexo industry. He loves traveling all over South America to meet his customers - and helping them to achieve the best possible printing results. 

contakt: bernardo.sonnenberg@lohmann-tapes.com 



Ed has more than 17 years in the pressure sensitive adhesive industry focusing heavily on the Graphics and Flexible Packaging markets. He takes delight in providing technical support to help customers maximize their quality, performance, and efficiency. Based in Colombia, South America Ed looks forward to professionally assessing all inquiries to find practical solutions that will yield high print results.

contakt: edwin.muneton@lohmann-tapes.com



Michael joined the Lohmann family in 2018, and he brought his 21 years of printing experience along. He knows how to deal with plates as well as the foam underneath, even when it comes to specific challenges, for example printing on corrugated cardboard. His earlier career included both analogue and digital mounting. In order to be able to always offer the best possible service to his customers, he has made troubleshooting his favorite part of the job.

contakt: michael.nunes@lohmann-tapes.com



Irina started her activity in the world of graphics arts 15 years ago as a sales manager in offset printing technology. Early in her career, she chose flexo as her field of personal growth. Nowadays, her customers profit from all the competency and experience she has gathered over the years. Whether they turn to her with a question about the best flexo solution or any other aspects of image printing – Irina will always help them make the right decision. 

contakt: irina.gaivenis@lohmann-tapes.com



With 20 years in the tape business in several European countries and more than 13 years as FLEXpert, Martin is well equipped to answer to every flexo need – from mounting to demounting, through the entire printing process. He is especially experienced with inks, solvents and varnishing technology. In fact, he hardly leaves his house without his trusted x-rite spectrophotometer and is always on the mission to improve the printing quality together with his customers.

contakt: martin.csueroes@lohmann-tapes.com



Mario’s 17 years of experience in the industrial sales sector includes a wide area of expertise in Flexo printing for label manufacturing, corrugated and flexible package products. He has a vast experience in the maquiladora industry in Mexico where he is poised to give you the personalized support needed to ensure you have the best solutions for consistent, high quality wide or narrow flexographic print demands.

contakt: mario.altamira@lohmann-tapes.com



With 23 years experience within the flexographic industry in Mexico, Martin is well versed with experience from graphic design all the way through the prepress and press operation workflow. This allows him to speak the same language as the customer and from experience in assessing the situation and their needs. If there is an issue with any point in the printing process, rest assured Martin has experienced it and can offer solutions to overcome them.

contact: martin.maldonado@lohmann-tapes.com