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Burglars don’t stand a chance

Adhesive tape can give burglars a hard time. How? By being built into windows and doors.

2018_TEBA.jpgIn collaboration with other industry suppliers and respective certification centres, the segment building & construction has developed a new system for wood and wood / aluminium windows. It makes adhesive bonding on coated wooden surfaces possible. The ift approved complete system offers numerous advantages and can be used with standard coating systems. Furthermore, it increases protection against burglary, as impressively demonstrated by TEBA (Hermeskeil/Germany

As a specialist for door and window construction, TEBA is among the leading local companies in manufacturing and assembly. It has been applying the new adhesive bonding system to its windows and doors for three year

TEBA Managing Director Jens Knaub explains to Christina Barg-Becker and Lohmann’s Area Sales Manager Heinz-Josef Wild how this came about and what the advantages of the system are.

Mr Knaub, how did you become aware of this adhesive bonding system?

JK: „I had already seen the system being applied to plastic windows and working perfectly. After that, I wanted to know if this could be possible for wood / aluminium windows as well.”

HJW: „At that time, TEBA approached us and we began testing the application of our adhesive bonding tape to wood / aluminium windows immediately on site. The results were optimal, in line with the ones for aluminium windows, and thus we convinced our customers.”

JK: „Yes, the system worked straightaway. In addition to that, we always want to make our manufacturing process more efficient and more economical. And we did, thanks to this new adhesive bonding system. With just one tape we can bond and seal at the same time. Also, wet sealing is no longer required for wood / aluminium elements. To sum up, the process takes considerably less amount of work.”

Are there additional reasons for applying this system?

JK: „Like I said, the manufacturing process is significantly quicker. Furthermore, potential repairs are easier than repairs of windows with liquid adhesive bonding systems. In other words: If we have to remove the window pane, we can do with less complications. We hope we don’t have to, of course.”

Mr Kaub, you offer a TEBA safety package. Does that mean burglary protection is currently an important topic?

JK: „Absolutely. Burglary protection is of top priority for our customers. We have been offering our safety package for years now and it has truly proven itself. Apart from that, we audited the new system last year at the Test Centre for Constructional Components (PfB) in Rosenheim on resistance category RC2 (burglary protection). We received positive references for all our windows. This, too, underlines the importance of burglary protection for our customers. Your adhesive bonding tape plays an important role here!

HJW: „Our adhesive bonding tape DuploCOLL® 56055 is applied to casement glazing on the inside, where it offers additional safety.

Mr Kaub, Mr Wild, thank you for the interview.


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