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Lohmann produces and donates mask holders to the company informa

“Sticking together is essential in times of crisis” is a much-quoted saying – especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic.


2020_Informa (1).jpgIn search of ways to support people in the region, Lohmann’s Bonding Engineers are always creative. Following a special permit from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, they produced hand disinfectants for their own employees last week, but also for the district of Neuwied: The company's donation is currently being distributed to doctors' practices, hospitals and schools for professional use.

Since many companies are now changing their production to the manufacture of protective masks, some Lohmann employees came up with the idea of making a contribution here, too. Wearing masks, especially those that are held behind the ears by elastic bands, can become uncomfortable over a longer period of time, especially for people who have to wear hearing aids. In order to find a remedy for this situation, various holders are already available for this type of mask, allowing the mouth and nose protection to be pulled down and hung around the neck in between. Lohmann also developed such little helpers according to their own design – and donated them to the non-profit organization informa, an inclusion company that emerged from a parent initiative of deaf children and has been producing and selling masks itself for two weeks now.

"We use a thick polyester material for the mask holders, which we normally utilize as a carrier for various adhesive tapes," explains Peter Harendt, Head of Technical Marketing at Lohmann. "Our Die-Cutting Center is located in Remscheid and has provided us with the necessary expertise – but production, however, was carried out directly on site in Neuwied, using a laser cutting process. This enables us to react faster and more flexibly to further inquiries from associations or charities.” On April 29, Harendt and Application Engineer Florian Dümmler personally delivered the first load of mask holders as a donation to informa Managing Director Heike Louis. From now on the initiative can also offer these for sale. "We accompany disabled young people on their way out of school and into the job market. We are financed by donations and grants. The revenues from our mask and mask holder sales are used to employ our mostly hearing impaired employees in the first job market. So, we would like to thank every buyer for their support!"

 2020_Informa (2).jpg 

v.l. Florian Dümmler (Application Engineer at Lohmann), Heike Louis (Managing Director informa), Peter Harendt (Head of Technical Marketing at Lohmann)

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