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Lohmann provides sustainable support for Neuwied Zoo

The fact that Neuwied Zoo could be saved from extinction for the time being is certainly thanks to its dedicated employees and supportive people from the region.

2021_Zoo Neuwied (1).jpg"After our call for help, an overwhelming donation of 250,000 euros came together from companies and private individuals and our zoo is saved for the moment," were the joyful words of Zoo Director Mirko Thiel.

Part of the donation comes from the adhesive tape manufacturer Lohmann from Neuwied/Feldkirchen, which supports the zoo with 10,000 euros. "Neuwied Zoo is firmly rooted in the region – just like us. Almost every one of our employees has visited Neuwied Zoo at some point. It would be a great pity if we lost this cultural asset with its diversity of species. That's why it's a matter of the heart for me to help," says Managing Partner Dr. Jörg Pohlman. The company, which is rich in tradition, would like to further expand its commitment in the course of its social sponsoring activities and sees the immediate donation as a prelude to a long-term and sustainable cooperation.

The adhesive tape manufacturer will therefore be sponsoring an animal for a period of five years. The choice of a suitable animal to sponsor was made quickly: the giant anteater. Zoo Director Thiel understands why "Bramble", the anteater, was chosen: "Giant anteaters are food specialists and feed exclusively on ants and termites in the wild. To do so, they break open their burrows with their strong claws and then slurp out the insects with their long, sticky tongues." This makes Bramble – like Lohmann's Bonding Engineers – a specialist in the field of adhesive bonding.

Zoo Director Mirko Thiel, Business Consultant Hans-Dieter Neuer and Lohmann's CEO Dr. Jörg Pohlman met at the zoo grounds on Wednesday, January 13, to hand over the donation. Since no visitors are allowed here at the moment, this small event was a successful diversion for some animals, but not for "Bramble". The great anteater did not let himself be put off even by the presentation of the sponsorship certificate. Through the full sponsorship, Lohmann will assume part of the costs for housing, care and food of the anteater for the next five years and would thus like to make a sustainable contribution to the preservation of the Neuwied Zoo.



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