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Lohmann: Global nature conservation initiative on the occasion of the company's anniversary

Lohmann is planting trees around the world for the company's 170th anniversary - and thus setting an example for climate protection.
2021_Polen_Bäume.pngThe initiative was brought into being by an employee and has since been implemented worldwide. Supported by the management, helpers planted 170 trees near the German site. Every tree stands for a successful year since Lohmann was founded. “We are proud of our long and successful history as a family-run company. At the same time, we always have the future in mind. In order to shape this future safely, out orientation focuses on sustainability and we attach great importance to such nature conservation projects”, says the Managing Partner Dr. Jörg Pohlman. “Because we operate on a global scale as a specialist in adhesive technology, it is very important to us that we also implement environmental projects around the world”, Executive Director Dr. Carsten Herzhoff continues.

At the location in Turkey, 170 trees were planted in an area destroyed by forest fires. 170 new trees also found a new home not far from the Swedish site in Kungälv. “Many of our colleagues were actively involved - that's what makes this campaign so unique”, exclaims Stina Jochimsen, Finance Manager at Lohmann in Sweden.

At other locations, the employees planted as many trees as the respective branch has existed in years. For example, 17 trees were planted in Denmark and 31 trees in the USA. “30 in the Adirondack Mountains - the 31st tree stands in front of our headquarters in Orange (Virginia) - as a visible reminder of our mission for sustainability”, reports Steven DeJong, Managing Director Lohmann in America. At the location in China (Tianjin), motivated employees planted 19 crab apple trees outside of the factory. “We affectionately call this newly designed area the Lohmann Forest”, says Carina Ye, Lohmann Executive Sales Assistant in China. The location in Poland planted by far the largest number of trees as part of a so-called “Green Event”: “5000 trees - that was a huge amount of work! We are absolutely thrilled about this team performance and are already looking forward to the next event dedicated to sustainability”, exclaims Malgorzata Pietryk, Office Manager at Lohmann Poland.


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