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Support in hard times

Lohmann donates €3,000 to the “Tafel Neuwied” food bank.

The “Tafel” is a non-profit organization that collects surplus food and gives it to people affected by poverty. There are currently more than 960 Tafel in Germany. More and more people are turning to the organization for help because they can no longer afford the increased food prices. At the same time, donations from companies and also from food markets are decreasing. Elisabeth Adrian, responsible for the Tafel Neuwied, expresses her concern: "We don't know how we are going to manage this crisis. Not only is everything getting more expensive, companies are donating more cautiously, and in addition, there are numerous refugees from Ukraine seeking help." With its donation, the adhesive tape manufacturer from Neuwied wants to provide help directly where it is needed most: to Ukrainian refugees and the people of the region who are suffering from rising energy and food prices. "At the moment, we are lacking durable foodstuffs such as flour or canned goods and fresh dairy products," reports Markus Oehlschläger, coordinator of the Tafel Neuwied. "We were very pleased and the needy gratefully accept the donations," Elisabeth Adrian continues. The Tafel Neuwied supplies a total of 1000 households with food. For many Neuwied residents, the Tafel is more than just a place to get food - it's a meeting place where people exchange ideas and help each other. "The Tafel is like a family to me," says Elisabeth Adrian appreciatively in the direction of the facility. Thus, Lohmann's managing director, Dr. Carsten Herzhoff, hopes that the organization will be able to help many more people and that the Lohmann donation campaign will find imitators: "We have to stick together and feel very connected to all people in the region. Our wish is that our donation will inspire other people or companies to also support this good cause."

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In the photo (from left to right): Katharina Kunke (Lohmann), Markus Oehlschläger (Tafel Neuwied), Kurt Reuschenbach (Tafel Neuwied), Elisabeth Adrian (Tafel Neuwied), Dr. Carsten Herzhoff (Lohmann).

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