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Lohmann Nordic supports social project for children in Kungälv

Lohmann Nordic, based in Kungälv, has now chosen to make an effort locally in Kungälv as they have signed a 2-year agreement as an activity partner.
 Lohmann Agora.pngFor 2023 and 2024 our colleagues decided to support a local sports club in Kungälv, IFK Kungälv, and its project “Agora” (In ancient Greece this was the word for a local meeting place) with 30.000 SEK each year (round about 2.700 Euro).

During the year 2022, IFK Kungälv together with the municipality and local businesses started this local social project with the common vision to activate children and teenagers.

Only 30% of children in Sweden reach the recommended daily intake of movement. A figure that makes the country one of Europe's most sedentary ones. The project's idea and ambition are to both activate children and young people from middle and high school as well as offering an opportunity to discover new sports and sports associations through a collaboration with different sports associations in Kungälv.

Robert Färjhage says: “At Lohmann we strive to contribute to society on a local level and we are therefore happy to be a part of Agora. When we read about it for the first time, we immediately saw that it is a wholesome project we want to contribute to.” The project is a cooperation with different schools in Kungälv. Connected to the end of the school day all kids are invited to join the activity. The session is led by a trained educator and the focus is to play and be in motion. For older kids there is a project called “Open Court” where events are held during evenings at sports grounds in Kungälv. The kids are invited to play or just have a place to hang out with their friends.

At the picture: Robert Färjhage and Hannes Bengtsson from Lohmann Nordic

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