DuploCOLL® 50220

Double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape with foam carrier and pure acrylic adhesive

Item no. 91003581

Application fields:

  • Permanent fastening of face plates, holders and cable ducts in home appliances and electronic components
  • Mounting of slightly uneven substrates.
  • Self-adhesive preparation of nameplates and signs

Product properties:

  • Good initial adhesion (tack) and high final adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to temperature, UV radiation, weathering and ageing.
  • Excellence resistance to the influence of chemicals and solvents (domestic cleaners and polishing agents)
  • On account of its compressible and elastic foam carrier the adhesive tape assures a perfect adaption to surfaces by compensating for different expansion coefficients of the substrates that are joined
  • Good sealing properties against moisture and splash water due to the closed-cell foam carrier
  • DuploCOLL® 50220 has a vibration dampening effect
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on smooth surfaces.

Thickness (mm): 0,45

Max. width (mm):  1260

Liner: PE paper white

Adhesive open side: Pure acrylic

Carrier:PE foam black

Adhesive closed side: Pure acrylic

DuploCOLL® 50220 is available upon request in the following dimensions:


  • 12mm x 50m
  • 15mm x 50m
  • 19mm x 50m
  • 25mm x 50m
  • 30mm x 50m
  • 38mm x 50m
  • 50mm x 50m 
  • 60mm x 50m

UL 746: Standard for Polymeric Materials - Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations


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