DuploCOLL® 34200

Single-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape with white film carrier and modified arcylic adhesive

Item no. 91004967

Application fields:

  • Decorative adhesive tape for covering visible edges e.g. on furniture and white goods

Product properties:

  • PVC-free
  • High final strength and shear stability
  • Good immediate adhesion to galvanised steel
  • Very good ageing and UV resistance
  • The adhesive shows good to excellent resistance to many oils, greases, surfactants and disinfectants. (Assessment according to FINAT FTM 17)
  •  The film carrier has a high colour fastness
  • Very high elongation at break
  •  Easy to remove protective paper

Thickness (mm): 0,22

Max. width (mm): on request

Liner: Silicone paper white

Adhesive open side: modified acrylic

Carrier: PVC free film white

Adhesive closed side: without


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