Transfer tape with dispersion acrylic adhesive

Item no. 91004953

Application fields:

  • Lamination of textiles, foams and various damping materials
  • Bonding of heating systems, e.g. in seats, armrests and steering wheels.

Product properties:

  • High initial adhesion (tack)
  • Improved air quality due to low odour ingredients and low emissions
  • Compliance with defined limits of substances according to VDA 278
  • Excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates including low energy surfaces
  • Due to its soft consistency, the acrylic adhesive penetrates deep into the pores of the material.

Thickness (mm): 0,1

Max. width (mm): 1020

Liner: Silicone paper yellow

Adhesive open side: Dispersion acrylic

Carrier: without

Adhesive closed side: without

  • 12mm x 50m
  • 15mm x 50m
  • 19mm x 50m
  • 25mm x 50m
  • 30mm x 50m
  • 38mm x 50m
  • 50mm x 50m
  • 60mm x 50m 


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