DuploCOLL® 330

Differential "Perm/Peel" double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape with PET carrier

Item no. 91004179

Application fields:

  • Reversible bag closure tape for polyethylene or polypropylene bags
  • Self-adhesive preperation of spacers and transportation locks which has to be removed without leaving residues


Product properties:

  • Reversible
  • Used for removable bondings
  • Aggressive adhesive formulation on the open side
  • The low adhesion closed side of the tape allows the easy removal from a wide variety of materials without leaving residues


Thickness (mm): 0.10

Max. width (mm): 1000

Liner: Silicone paper white

Adhesive open side: Dispersion acrylic

Carrier: PET film transparent

Adhesive closed side: Modified acrylic

DuploCOLL® 330 is available upon request in the following dimensions:


  • 12mm x 50m
  • 15mm x 50m
  • 19mm x 50m
  • 25mm x 50m
  • 30mm x 50m
  • 38mm x 50m
  • 50mm x 50m
  • 60mm x 50m


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