Welcome to the Bonding Arena®

360° Innovation for Application Engineering and Product Design

New ideas need space.

Established 2016, Lohmann’s Bonding Arena® in the TEC-Center Neuwied offers more than enough of it on 300m². The unique application laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and works as a flexible workplace for all market-relevant functions: From application engineering, business development to product management and is also used as a training center for employees and visitors.

But above all, the Bonding Arena® is a place where we can come together with our customers.

No matter which bonding challenge you bring along: In the Bonding Arena® we can find out immediately which solution might suit your demand. Hereby, not only Lohmann’s entire value chain can be experienced but the Bonding Engineers’ “Smart Bonding Approach” as well: At various so-called “workstations” – e.g. “smarttester”, printing simulator or 3D microscope – bonding requirements can be tested and optimized until a customized result can be implemented into the customer process.

"For me, the Bonding Arena® is a place where we develop bonding solutions for and with the customer. From previous customer visits we have learned that it is faster and more cost-effective for the customer to bring his task to us as opposed to the other way round.


  • We have a selection of our product portfolio available at hand
  • We can examine the substrates for their bonding ability right away
  • Then choose and demonstrate the suitable pretreatment
  • Select and demonstrate tools for the customer’s bonding process
  • And test the bonded component for mechanical strength with our smart-tester

This is our service package. And, by the way: The customer learns about our value chain, to understand and trust adhesive bonding."

Peter Harendt

Head of Application Engineering EMEA

Bonding Arena® Trailer
In our Bonding Arena® we offer numerous testing facilities for a variety of bonding applications. See for yourself and get a general idea.

Bonding Arena® #2: Corona Pretreatment

Some materials are more difficult to bond than others. Therefore, we reserved a special place in our Bonding Arena® especially for surface pretreatments. In this video, Bonding Engineer Peter Wiedemann will demonstrate the possibilities we can provide you with.

Not all surfaces are easy to combine with every bonding solution. Especially plastics and multilayer applications can be challenge that a corona pre-treatment might solve. Our application story revolves around a smart dishwasher that we were able to complement by an equally smart bonding solution. This way to the download:

 Application Case_Corona pre-treatment.pdf 

Bonding Arena® #1: Workstation

Welcome to our workstation! Here, we hold a broad range of our standard products ready for you – to be prepared for you special bonding demand. Together we make an initial selection for your substrate surface to be bonded – or we develop a customized solution for you. Curious? Meet Simone Wierschem, Application Engineering, at the workstation and learn more about our operations. Enjoy the video!

What is the starting point on the way to the perfect bonding solution? Please download our first exciting application story and find out how we developed a high-performance die-cut for a concrete application in the automotive industry – even adhering to complex new paints.

 Application Case_Workstation_en.pdf 

A tour around our Bonding Arena®

Do you want to take a look around our test laboratory and get a first impression of our possibilities? Please click on the picture below to visit our virtual Bonding Arena®!

If you are interested in visiting us, please contact our experts directly via the contact form.

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