TwinMelt® - Bonding. Sustained.

Acrylic and rubber systems form the basis for TwinMelt® technology and enable solvent-free compounds. But they offer much more than that:

Characteristics Acrylic Systems Characteristics Rubber Systems
  • 100% solvent-free
  • Low VOC values
  • Clear and transparent
  • Biocompatible
  • Suitable for direct and indirect food contact
  • Sustainable and market-oriented
  • High chemical resistance
  • Exceptionally good adhesive properties in terms of peel strength and tack
  • Especially suitable for low energy surfaces
  • 100% solvent-free
  • Biocompatible
  • Sustainable and market-oriented


he TwinMelt® technology enables us to combine rubber systems and acrylic systems in a wide variety of structures.

  LOH_TwinMelt_Acryl_Acryl_E.png     LOH_TwinMelt_Acryl_Synth_E.png  
  LOH_TwinMelt_Synth_Acyl_E.png     LOH_TwinMelt_Synth_Synth_E.png  


The multifunctional TwinMelt® technology allows for double-sided adhesive tapes based on acrylic and rubber systems to be coated in a smart process – and 100% solvent-free.

Multifunctionality through

  • Combination of different chemistries and high material variance in carrier and liner systems
  • Coating of very low to very high application weights
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical coatings

The possibilites

  • Coating width from 1,000 to 1,530 mm
  • Adhesive coatings of 20 - 600g / m² in compliance with tightest tolerances
  • Combination of different adhesives by means of innovative process technology allowing for asymmetrical designs
  • Optimized flatness by means of careful thermal material guiding

The benefits

  • Solvent-free coating process and reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Freely selectable placement of scrims and other materials in the adhesive layer (various carrier materials possible)
  • Tight thickness tolerance due to the uniform basis weight application
  • Two different chemistries can be combined in a smart processing step
  • New product combinations can now be realized that were previously impossible or difficult to achieve
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical stripe coatings save material and allow for breathable adhesive coatings
 IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_1_Streifenstrich_PNG_1600 (RGB).png     IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_8_Streifenstrich_PNG_1600 (RGB).png       IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_5_Streifenstrich_PNG_1600 (RGB).png 

Adhesive system
asymmetrical, without carrier

Stripe coating
asymmetrical, without carrier
Stripe coating
symmetrical, with carrier
 IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_3_Streifenstrich_Folie_PNG_1600 (RGB).png   IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_7_Streifenstrich_Folie_PNG_1600 (RGB).png   IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_2_Streifenstrich_Folie_PNG_1600 (RGB).png 
Stripe coating
symmetrically shifted
Stripe coating
asymmetrical, with carrier
Stripe coating/full coating
asymmetrical, with carrier
 IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_4_Streifenstrich_Folie_PNG_1600 (RGB).png   IMG_CL16_TwinMelt_6_Streifenstric_Folie_PNG_1600 (RGB).png   
Stripe coating
symmetrically shifted
Stripe coating
asymmetrically shifted


With TwinMelt®, we are ideally positioned to meet your individual toll coating requirements.

No matter if you want to coat films, textiles or paper: all carrier materials are possible.

With a modular portfolio of various adhesives, we can not only meet your specifications as quickly as possible – Lohmann also develops and manufactures adhesives according to your specific requirements.


Our new TwinMelt® technology makes for challenging bonds – 100% solvent-free.

Together with you, we save resources and emissions. In figures: 3,500 t CO2 – the equivalent of the CO2 savings of 7,000 trees.

We are at the beginning of a journey and see it as our mission not to stand still – are you coming along? Are you ready for sustainable and future-proof value creation and smart processes?

Bonding the Future: Sustainability at Lohmann

We create connections with a future – for the sake of the environment. Because for us, sustainability is not only a matter of the heart, but also a clear corporate strategy.

We are always one step ahead – and continuously optimize our carbon footprint to protect the environment and save resources. This includes not only tapping ever new raw materials and materials, with new performance, but also developing solvent-free adhesive solutions. Our certified, low-emission products offer the greatest possible protection where it matters most: in the mobility and medical sectors and in your home, in safe and durable bonds from roof to floor.

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And we go one step further.

We want to shape the future together with our customers, our employees and young talents – and to do this, we take our social responsibility with full conviction. This includes our sponsoring and donation activities, sponsorships or voluntary work by Bonding Engineers, as well as the promotion of young talent.

Learn more about future topics at Lohmann:

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Sustainability at Lohmann Our responsibility Innovation


Bond with us: Your Bonding Engineers

Bonding is our passion – because we are the "Bonding Engineers". In doing so, we not only bring together the most diverse materials, but also make these connections ever more effective and sustainable.

We are often faced with the challenge of reconciling even the seemingly incompatible: Environmental protection and economic efficiency, sustainability and market orientation, quality and flexibility.

To achieve this, we clearly focus on research and development at Lohmann: R&D has been part of our DNA for over 165 years. The entire value chain of our state-of-the-art, innovative products is entirely in our hands, enabling us to accompany our customers from the initial idea through development to final process integration. We offer you not only a comprehensive product portfolio, but also individual adhesive solutions, reliable quality management and the extensive know-how of our application engineers for the perfect application.

We call this the "Smart Bonding Approach". The result? Tailor-made products according to your individual requirements.

Would you like to learn more?

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Smart Bonding Approach   Technology @ Lohmann


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